Saturday, June 6, 2009

No wonder society ladies are so cold


Yesterday, I went to an insanely expensive wedding. It was held at a country club, and dress was tuxedo and formal. I felt vastly underdressed, and spent a moment wishing that I was able to teleport 1000 feet up and discretely equip a better cocktail dress. Also, they kept the room freaking cold because of all the guys in tuxedos, which meant the ladies in spaghetti straps were shivering. I almost wore my napkin as a cape! ...All that aside, it was probably the most gorgeous (and formal) wedding I'd been to. I even took communion, if you can believe it of this half-Buddhist-half-atheist.

I'm back to normal life today, and my avatar reflects it by wearing these new jeans from Dark Eden. They're awesome, and have kanji on the leg. I forgot to ask what the kanji says! I've also got on a DSN tattoo set from Aurora -- very pretty colorful flowers -- and a top from the little Japanese store Rainbow Chaiser.

Is anyone else having wacky lighting issues with the latest viewer? :p


***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - mourna black
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Brandys in brick
***Jewelry: [fairy tail] smile set
***Hair: EkoEko stan (cream)
***Shirt: Rainbow Chaiser knitted lce camisole (red)
***Pants: Dark Eden Acid Kanji Rips black
***Tattoos: Aurora colored flowers tattoo sleeve

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