Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moar Plastik Sale

Skins on sale at Plastik!

Heh. Why yes, I'm standing in a sea of boxes while my husband wonders WTF I'm up to. I'm about to go shower and help with packing, but I wanted to show people a few more of teh awesome Plastik skins that are on sale until Wednesday for 249L each. I loooooooove the Halloween demon skin (middle) -- the light highlights really make it. The eyes are cool too, and I especially like the blue eyes in the dusky skin (right).

There are two floors worth of sale, so don't TP in and go "oh this is it?" Hunt around some. [SLURL to PLASTIK]

Plastik Titania Spice Flushed Cerise
Plastik HalloweenSkin RedDemon Dark PlainTribal
Plastik Miliana PeanutTruffle NudeShadow

Plastik edCollection Var-Stalk
Plastik Jerusalem Melon
Plastik Magicka-Mix


Anonymous said...

omg i didnt see those thank you! also where is the hair from? is that Gritty Kitty?

Auntykuro said...

yes -- i love this gritty kitty hair so much. this is like my default outfit v.v