Monday, June 15, 2009

Say "Aaaaaaahhhhhh..."


MichaMi has new swimwear! It's made with her usual precisely-drawn lines around the edges of the fabric and absolutely perfect fitting. As always, I love the spareness of the design; this makes the clothing applicable to any avatar style, including my own quirky one. One of the suits is even a limited edition store gift, the Soraya in green. The sexy tiny bikini Aaliyah (last photo) has a cutely modest asymmetrical shrug that goes with it, but Nurse Acha said pffft. [ Store SLURL here ]

I'm photographing in the new installation at Hotel Dare, in bits of the outfit available at this build -- stockings, shoes and a hat from *katat0nik's* Nursie outfit, and Schadenfreude's braided piggies. I was an idiot and got lost at the landing point, but if you poke around the cute and adorable wooded scene, you'll find a passageway back into the creepy hospital... [ SLURL here ]



***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - esoterica sleepthief black
***Stockings, hat, shoes: from*katat0nik's* Nursie outfit from Hotel Dare
***Piercing: A&M Shut Up! Piercing - key
***Tattoo: I <3 Rien Asian Words Undershirt
***Swimwear: MichaMi Soraya Bikini
***Hair: Schadenfreude Black Lil Miss hair for Hotel Dare

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