Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lonely in (gorgeous tears)


Swimwear for the teary. It's hot out there in Georgia, 100 degrees to usher me out of the state and down to Florida (which is apparently having a heat wave). I spent the day clearing the last of my things out of my office, feeling kind of bittersweet. I always thought I'd be done when I left the fold of UGA -- I'm kind of disappointed at myself that I'm not, but perhaps not surprised. My father took a decade to write his dissertation... Lucky for me I won't be quite that long. (Dave would kill meh.)

I'm crying because Minajunk released a new teary skin for the Koreshan Bakesale, and you'd better get your arse over there before it closes today. I'm also on the Ana_mations bakesale doughnut -- it comes with seven animations and a slow, relaxing rotation that had me vaguely nauseous until I focused on something else :D. I love the sprinkles and the way it makes my new tiny Dark Eden thong look *cough*. I am also wearing a teacup on my head from ChaosLotus. [ Koreshan Bakesale ]



***Tattoo: I ♥ Rien Retro Hotties
***Skin: minajunk cry bakesale version
***Hat: ChaosLotus DSN teacup minihat yellow bloom/flutter red
***Bikini: Dark Eden Grunge Bikini in blood
***Hair: Exile Fastball in eclipse
***Doughnut: Ana_mations bakesale doughnut with floaty animations.

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