Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ivalde and IDK


Sometimes I have the horrible tendency to believe that a venerable old mainstay shop of SL will stick around, forgetting that businesses depend upon humans to run them, humans who have lives that vary in intensity. I was so very sad to see Ivalde poof, and overjoyed to see that the good women of Retrology have built Neferia a store. You can get there by clicking here, and you can pick up the gift dress too.

In honor of Ivalde, Monday June 8 is Ivalde blog day, where everyone is encouraged to take a snapshot in their favorite Ivalde vintage and write about it.

***Hair: [Gauze] Usa Black
***Skin: []Trap[] Koi- Aqua F Tone 2
***Nails: Schadenfreude Azure Glitter manicure
***Shoes: J's 2wayShort Boots Black
***Lip ring: A&M Shut Up! Piercing
***Necklace: MEZZO sterlingcollection Arabesque necklace
***Outfit: Ivalde Niagra black


New shop alert! Okay, "IDK" isn't all that new anymore, but I had to read up on what "scene style" meant before I could post about it. I found a few adorable pictures of girls with colorful hair and outfits that looked like a combination of 80s valley girl and 90s grunge, and thought to myself: I'm old. I remember when tight pants were IN. Then, out. Then, in. Then, out... ANYWAY. It's an adorable style, and I think that IDK does a good job of representing it.

Also, see that hair? It's new from Gritty Kitty.

***Hair: Gritty Kitty: Trilam - rusty
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam April-Rainbow
***Necklace: Studio Sidhe bone & silver engraved
***Earrings, bracelet: Schadenfreude Plastic Heart set
***Tiara: Violet Voltaire harajuku girls: rainbow tiara
***Belt: Twisted Triangles belly chain
***Pierce: FlipSide kitteh bell mouth piercing
***Shirt: idk omg! blue
***Pants: idk leopard leggings - yellow

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Jhuzen Ketsugo said...


I have to give mad props to the builder Flix Saiman for doing the whole shop build in just a few hours. Anessa managed the whole planning, and we did everything we could to get Nef to log.

I was ecstatic to recieve the call at 3:30am EST from Anessa to say she had Nef online and setting up. The shop is classic and lush, and a wonderful home for Nef's work until she can come back and open her mainstore again, hopefully within 2 months. We wanted Ivalde to have a home, so we just told her to rez as much as she could and we tidied up as Brumm was dragging her away from the computer when the movers arrived.

It was a moment of joy, I adore her so much. Ivalde needed a presence in SL, even a small one. TY for spreading the word about Monday's blogger challenge, and for your friendship & support.

~ Ketsy