Sunday, June 28, 2009

I fail so hard at fitting prim lashes


Here I am still awake at midnight after driving all. day. long. because...well, because I was having night terrors. Highway driving is one of my least favorite things to do -- I always, always wake up in a cold sweat, whimpering, because my brain paints vivid pictures of me ramming into something at 90 mph. Ahhhh...

So I woke up, and to soothe myself, I blogged. Lucky for me *katat0nik* released this 25L panda-print dress, and even though I had to do what I hate most for eight hours today (drive in heavy swift highway traffic), this dress makes me smile! I noticed that it goes remarkably well with my large pink skull necklace from Milk Motion, and with these quirky Yorick boots from Kitheres. The boots look comfy, like I could put them on and move boxes all day...which I'll be doing tomorrow, into my new apartment. (SLURL to *katat0nik*)


***Dress: *katat0nik* (pink) 25L Panda Dress (SLURL to shop)
***Skin: Curio Pearl Hot Peach
***Eyes: Den-dou eyes aqua blue
***Necklace: (Milk Motion) my skull necklace (white/pink)
***Hair: Deviant Kitties Ellie - Silver
***Boots: Kitheres Industries Yorick Boots (mottled)
***Lashes: *katat0nik* prim lashes


Bonus photo! I won a runner-up prize in the Albero accessories photo contest for this picture. You can see all of the winners (including the awesome grand prize, which involves Kunstkammer's button eyes and a huge lollipop) over here at Cioccolata.


Heather said...

Cute and only 25L I need that.

As for your night terrors *hugs* I hate having nightmares like that. I'm glad you made it safe and now you can unpack the hardest part is over yay! (well for me the hardest part is packing it all up)

Desiree Debruyere said...

OMG, driving terrors! My worst was when we drove to Tennessee - this Louisiana girl *cannot* drive in the mountains, especially when it's storming and there's heavy traffic. I still have nightmares about that experience.
Oh, and you look *amazing* as always, and I fail even harder at the prim lashes thing. :)