Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hair Fair Part 7: Moar Adorable

Philotic Energy Pepper Charcoal, Philotic Energy Keeva Charcoal, House of Munster Nina in Black & White with Skullband

Hair Fair Part 7: Moar Adorable. Other Hair Fair reviews neatly gathered here under this tag! Today's hairs are from Philotic Energy, House of Munster, Blood Royal and REDLIC. I loosely grouped them under the "Adorable" tag, although the hairs can all be worn in other contexts. Philotic Energy continues to push the scupted 'do boundaries with the long locks (rare for her!) and a headbanded pony. House of Munster has a few more cute styles in the usual vein -- poky bits, great bangs, unconventional angles. The two other makers are new to me, Blood Royal and REDLIC -- I like the soft fluffiness of both of these styles, very Asianesque and cute.

Blood Royal Wild Bob hair in black, House of Munster Sprite in Black & White, REDLIC #464SB Snow

Bonus photo! Here I am with Skywatcher Questi at the Koreshan Bakesale

Other outfit credits:
***Skin: SPskin kawaii apricot
***Necklace: Atelier AM heart key necklace pink
***Dress: Draconic Kiss strawberry pie dress, at the Koreshan Bakesale

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