Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hair Fair Part 6: Homme

Ran Garrigus in Hedeon (Jet) by Wasabi Pills; Boy-me in miau haus ^^ vasean hair m / liquoriceblack

Hair Fair Part 6: Homme; other parts here! Ran Garrigus was kind enough to model a few boy's hairs with me -- I'll have another post in boy stuff, no fear! He's sporting hairs that I thought were for women (upon first inspection), but damn, he makes them look sexxeh. He's got on two hairs by Wasabi Pills and one by Bryce, and I've got on Miau Haus, a.C, and House of Munster. They've all got lovely textures and great construction, and tempt me to remain a boy for the rest of the day... (The waistcoats we're wearing are currently on sale at ~silentsparrow~.) [ Hair Fair ]

Andor (Honey) from Wasabi Pills; a.C STD gloxhair looly raven sunset

Wonder (Midnight) by Bryce; House of Munster Axel in black and white

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