Friday, June 19, 2009

Hair Fair Part 4: Classic

ingenue diva noir black; fashionably dead dorothy's day - solo dancer

Hello, and welcome to Hair Fair Part 4, which is all about classic hairstyles. Earlier today I busted some tendons on Part 1: Adorable, Part 2: Edgy and Part 3: Moar Edgy, and I continue to be vastly amused and impressed by the creators' talent. Goddamnit, can't you lend some skillz to me? I should put up a hair fair booth with a head-attachment 1 prim box :|. Also, Uma (here) and Ashia (here) totally pwn me with their amazing blog posts, so go read those next!

If I sound slap-happy, I must admit that I am, so I roped in Ellantha for a sanity check. She's in Fashionably Dead, Tiny Bird and Calico Ingmann Creations; I'm in three different Ingenue hairs. I really love these, especially the whimsical hat on the Fashionably Dead hair, the elaborate braids on Calico, and the wispy hairline of Tiny Bird. Also, Ingenue is always, always easy on the eyes and ARC. Lovely job, ladies. (Now off to make my 1-prim-box hair.) [This SLURL will work tomorrow]

ingenue - myrna - noir black; .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Hayden - Brownie;

ingenue - victory - noir black; calico ingmann creations - elaina - bronzed

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