Friday, June 19, 2009

Hair Fair Part 3: Moar Edgy

Hair Fair Part 3: More Edgy

Hair Fair, third post (see my other two posts here and here!). I took a spin around the fair just now, and it made me hungry. Anyone have some spare gingerbread? I'm wearing hair (below) by MiaSnow, Wasabi Pills, and Milestone Creations, all marked by enormous creativity (and bigness!). I can honestly say that after wearing the Milestone Creations Moon hair below, I feel totally Smurfy. And I think I'm done posting for the day, can't wait to see what other people write about. :D [ This Hair Fair SLURL will work tomorrow ]

Wasabi Pills

Wasabi Pills Lulu in Jet Black

wasabi01 wasabi03
Wasabi Pills Ailith in jet black; Wasabi Pills Andor in jet black


MiaSnow Special Day White

mia02 miasnow01
MiaSnow Summer Breeze Sunrise; MiaSnow Prom Queen Orange Lite

Milestone Creations

Milestone Creations Moon in blue dark

moon03 moon01
Milestone Creations Lana in cherry kiss; Milestone Creations Dragon Nest in black

1 comment:

Miranda Milestone said...

LOL! Oh no! You have discovered my real me! I'm a smurf!
...I so have to do a smurf hairstyle some day....
I'm called DJ smurfette because my last song at my gigs is the smurf song...
Thanks for blogging! The pics are ace!