Friday, June 19, 2009

Hair Fair Part 1: Adorable

Could it be...Hair Fair? All of the adorable hairs below from [Lazy Places], *katat0nik* and Onigiri will be available at Hair Fair starting tomorrow. [ This SLURL will work tomorrow, I promise ]

[Lazy Places]

[Lazy Places] Dawn in Black

lp01 lp02
[Lazy Places] Arya in Black, [Lazy Places] Deeba in Black


*katat0nik* Vu Jamz in Naturals

kat02 kat03
*katat0nik* Gat Jamz in Naturals; *katat0nik* Kat Jamz in Naturals


Onigiri Amu in Black

onigiri01 onigiri02
Onigiri Ichigo in Black; Onigiri Saber in Black.

**Small note to designers. ILU a whole lot! Please to only send one color of your awesome review hairs, or else I will never be able to load inventory again. Thank you and best of luck with Hair Fair - !**

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