Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fashion Expo tomorrow!


In honor of Relay for Life, Katat0nik created two roller derby dresses, the Pink Taco and the Khorndog team outfits. Gogolita is in Team Pink Taco here, and I'm wearing the dress for the Team Khorndog! The dress comes with roller skates and legwarmers and a top with different hem lengths (of course I had to put on the shortest). The artwork on the bodice has a skull and wiener crossbones; the skull is totally nomming the wieners...

Relay for Life Fashion Expo opens up tomorrow at 9 AM SLT, and you'll be able to find these dresses at katat0nik's RFL shop here. (If it's anything like last year, the slurl will teleport you to the central sim hub, then do a 'find destination' on the map to navigate to her stall.) Proceeds from the sales of these two dresses go to RFL!


***Hair: House of Munster OMFG - platinum tips
***Skin: minajunk harajyuku skin neko (no longer available)
***Eyepatch: from Fade Dana's Maus hat
***Gloves: Magika electrical tape gloves
***Tattoo: /artilleri/ maggie tattoo
***Outfit: Relay For Life *katat0nik* Khorndog Derby Girl outfit - with roller skates! :D

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