Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fabulous Fashion!

Katat0nik and I standing about in her shop.

It looks as though the Fabulous Fashion TV episode with Kat and me* is up on the site! I'm the last ten minutes, at around the 23:50 mark, and Kat and adorable models are in the first two-thirds. The whole experience was fun. :D

* Right-click-save, high-quality download
* Right-click-save, low-quality download

(* I had to look up this grammatical point. Luckily I found a good way to figure it out!)


Terry Toland said...

I also found a link where you can watch it on the web rather than downloading: :D

The Third Pea said...

I was so excited to see both of you, so I had to post a couple of pics. Well done, Achariya!

Alyx Sands said...

Going to check out the recording soon! Oh, and the "I" or "me" thing is considerably easier to figure out if your native language has proper cases :-) -such as German...