Thursday, June 18, 2009

Et in Arcadia ego


The first two people who comment with their guess about the name of the new Draconic Kiss Hair Fair hair I'm wearing (hint: it matches the outfit bits) will win 300L each (enough L to buy one color of this hair. *g*) (Please add your in-world name to the comment!)

Edit: Lola wins prize #1, and Tina wins prize #2.

Yep! I'm wearing Achariya hair from Draconic Kiss, and it'll debut soon at a Hair Fair near you! :D


Anonymous said...
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Auntykuro said...

Lola wins the first one! (I deleted the comment so nobody could cheat) One more :D

Unknown said...

well the outfit is from Doc Eldridge named after you - Achariya

so the jewelry i think is named after you too, achariya cuffs and achariya necklace & earrings

Unknown said...

oops so i forgot, so the hair must be named Achariya too ;)

Auntykuro said...

You win too, Tina! Contest done :D :D

What's your in-world name so that I can send you your prize?

Alyx Sands said...

Dammit, I go to the loo and come back and have lost a contest I could have won.... ;-)))