Monday, May 18, 2009


I've been thinking hard about this blogger appreciation thing, because something about it doesn't sit quite right with me. Not that it isn't a great idea -- it's lovely, and all the people who have taken part are very nice to do it. It doesn't sit right with me because I'm a little troubled about the position that bloggers have in relation to the Second Life fashion industry.

I've ranted drunkenly to a few poor sods about this already, but I feel as if bloggers are the only press that the fashion industry has, and if we really are the only fashion press (outside of the magazines), then I suspect that I'm not taking the job seriously enough. I asked myself these questions:

*) When's the last time I blogged an outfit that was from a shop I'd never been to before?

*) When's the last time I very politely talked to a designer about potential outfit flaws before writing about it, including use of different layers or wacky prim parts? And then, if the designer doesn't think about the changes, did I politely inform the public about these flaws?

*) How much time do I spend researching trends and responding to what readers/consumers want, instead of what I want to wear?

Answers: recent-ish, not so recently, never.

That's because I really love blogging, but I'm not a fashion journalist. Before we get sidetracked into the raison d'etre of blogging, let me clearly state my point: I'm not sure that bloggers should be so appreciated by the fashion designers of Second Life, because as their only press outlet, we kind of suck as press. However, we're GREAT at being diarists, self-focused documenters of our own style. We also have zero quality control -- nobody edits our posts except for ourselves, and nobody pushes us to get better at what we do.

This works for our genre, we do a good job of writing about our own journeys through Second Life. Should designers really settle for this kind of writing as the best representation of their shops? Should readers settle for journalism that is nice instead of fair? I know that I, for one, would rather poop rainbows than rake a designer over the coals, and that's not the point of this post. I worry that my blogging isn't giving readers the kind of fair and accurate reporting that a real fashion journalist would give. (I mean, I only write about what I love, but surely readers would appreciate more than that.)

I can actually think of a few blogs that I'd go to for a solid "review" of an outfit. I tender my appreciation to these, especially Dakota Lubitsch for never flinching when writing about the negative points of an outfit (not something I would want to do myself, or would ever do in my blog). Again, I think that blogger appreciation is a fine idea, but I ask designers -- are we really enough for you? What about those of you who, for one reason or another, get no press at all?

I mean no kind of wank here, I simply wanted to talk about the issues that came up in my own head when I thought about being appreciated. Love to you all, especially those that appreciate bloggers.


Layne Jewell said...

Ive been a reader of yours for awhile now. I completely understand what you are saying. I think sometimes when you have a passion for something you dont see the bigger picture.You write about what you love which is why i read you. I know of at least 3 designers who can thank you for thousands of lindens blown in their store. You have a style of putting things together that i wouldn't of thought of mixing with before. When someone isnt paid to do something, they have a free reign to do what they like to do instead of a have to do. I think the thank you is more of a thanks for thinking of us because you didn't really have to.
Also, you have named a few places here that i myself didnt know about. With your blog on some of the feeds, im sure there is at least a few more like me who didnt know either. so I say Yay! let them spoil ya rotten. You deserve it. =)

Auntykuro said...

Layne, you have a lovely point here, and I feel truly appreciated. Thank you.

Lokum Shilova said...

But I believe blogging and journalism are two different things.
Besides this point there are several things about you that I love:
the way you put things together very creative and extraordinary.
You have your style but not afraid to go out your style and try new things and share.
bring a bit of your real self into each blog. What you bring to fashion followers and to designers are priceless! keep up the great work

Plum Pralou said...

You bring up some great points -- I especially agree with you about pointing out the flaws. I have seen outfits that looked much better because of the way they were photographed & often wished the blogger would have mentioned the quality. On the other hand, what blogger wants to get on the bad side of a designer, or be labeled "too critical"?

I think your third question is also important, but tough to answer/decide what's best. Is it up to the bloggers to create the trends? Or should we be out researching? If the blogger's job is to help create trends, then I hope everyone is answering "every day" to the first question, otherwise it'd be near impossible for a new store to become popular.

Your blog is lovely & I think it's great that you're even contemplating these things. :)

Kellie Iwish said...

I know that I appreciate bloggers for the new customers that they help to bring, but this is sort of a side effect of the main reason I appreciate you guys. I love to find a dress of mine on a blog especially if it’s mixed with other designer's works. It becomes a new work of art from what I had envisioned, and it's a real thrill to see. I think fashion bloggers are not journalists, but artists. While my art is to create dresses, yours is to mix them in a beautiful way, and you, Ach, are incredibly talented at that.

Noirran Marx said...

As a designer who doesn't get blogged at all :) I have to say I love your blog. I am also an avid shopper and have gone to buy things you featured because you loved them. The time and creativity you put into your posts is exceptional. As a content creator, I would much rather someone blogged my stuff because they like it. Blog what you love, it's your space to do with as you please.

Sugarr said...

Hey there. I feel that fashion blogging is not necessarily the same as straight journalism. For one thing, I refuse to post a negative review. I do point out layer issues, no mod prim parts and so on but for my own peace of mine, I refuse to post a negative review. I don't want the drama, I don't want to be accused of hurting someone's business and I feel that reviews are somewhat subjective anyway. What I like is not necessarily what someone else likes. A reviewer is not a God/dess. I *do* point out to a designer if I see a flaw privately if I feel the flaw is something that might prevent me from featuring their item(s). I make it a point also that being given a review copy does not obligate me to review or feature that item. My blog is strictly about things I like, and I buy 99 percent of the items. If someone else enjoys it, gets something out of it, maybe goes to buy that item because they saw it on my blog or went to check out a store new to them, hey that's fabulous. But it's not why I blog. Yes it was great to be appreciated and I am so grateful to all the designers who sent us gifts (hey I discovered new shops too) but that too is not why I blog. I blog strictly for myself, at the encouragement of friends, with the hope that something I have to share will be enjoyed by someone else.

I personally love reading your blog even though most of the posts are not my personal style. I like reading about all of the infinite variety of our fashionable SL and your pics rock :D

caLLie cLine said...

i love the thoughtfulness of your post, it's also the thoughtfulness i see in your blogging.

bloggers aren't exactly journalism to me, tho some can be. we have tons of fashion mags in SL, newspapers, so there are a LOT of ways designers and readers can read about fashion.

what i like about bloggers is that there is a certain passion and personality and individuality each has. this wouldn't be possible if you wrote for a magazine as the editor would edit, tell you how to fit the mag theme, etc. which is fine.

i appreciate bloggers as a reader, shopper, designer and an SL resident who loves to just see the creativity.

having blogged a ton in the past (not for my blog but other blogs) i know how hard it is, and how often one can feel a bit discouraged (as in any job) and being encouraged and thanked i don't think ever hurts :0)

keep up the GREAT work.


Maegen Parvenu said...

I think the way a lot of bloggers do it, it's more about giving the designers exposure. Much the way a two-page spread featuring their work in a magazine gains one exposure, except imo possibly better because I tend to ignore ads but enjoy reading blogs. You create a look that flatters their stuff and write some highlights about how and where you found it and such. In fact, there are fashion sections in many popular RL magazines that do just that. They show a purse, list its price and store - and I've always gone "Gee that's great, a $500 purse from some fancy store I've never heard of, glad you let me know how to get one of those for myself!" so of course your blogs are a lot more useful.

I've considered blogging fashion a number of times because I seem to be the go-to girl with a number of smaller designers that I know, who want critiques on their stuff. I'm good at pointing out the good things that others might not have noticed, but also unafraid to tell where things could use improvement and how they might do it. But I always chickened out. Designers don't want to feel once bitten twice shy about sharing their designs with the world if someone happened upon a flaw in their work and it was announced for all to see. If that was my own work I know I'd feel humiliated and hurt. I think having someone or multiple someones behind the scenes to point those things out for you is priceless. Having it aired for the world? Not so much. My stand on it is, if you like it enough to wear it and blog about it, it's good enough for you, and any fatal flaws should be apparent in the pictures. If they're not, how fatal can they be? Little stuff is probably not worth dragging the designer's work through the mud to point out.

I feel like I had another point, but this has gotten too long already. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm just an occasional blog reader and all-the-time clothing shopper, so I probably represent the bottom rung of the pyramid in this issue. I read your blog because I like your occasionally eclectic *g* taste in clothing, hair, accessories etc and I like the creative ways that you mix and match things. You inspire me to come up with new ideas on my own. I don't read blogs that report mostly on styles I don't wear or designers I don't care for. I'm not looking for fashion reporting when I read your blog, I'm looking for pretty things to wear recommended by someone whose tastes match my own and whom I trust not to blog about crap just because it was given to her for free. And also for your personal life anecdotes, which are equally as interesting :D If you checked off all of the "fashion reporting" checkboxes, I probably would read less & skim more. To each her own; I say don't change a thing.

Munchflower said...

We do appreciate the bloggerz! I am eternally grateful for all the promotion you've brought me alone, I know many of us are. You are very kind and giving, which is more than I can give a lot of people, let alone bloggers. So...much and munch appreciation. <3

Vivianne Draper said...

In answer to your questions:

1) When's the last time I blogged an outfit that was from a shop I'd never been to before?

Last Wednesday. And the Wednesday before that. As a matter of fact I blog new shops I find all the time.

*) When's the last time I very politely talked to a designer about potential outfit flaws before writing about it, including use of different layers or wacky prim parts? And then, if the designer doesn't think about the changes, did I politely inform the public about these flaws?

I talked to a designer about some flaws last week and decided the easiest course of action was not to blog from that store. I dunno I'm of two minds about this and very conflicted. I love designers and we all have this symbiotic relationship where we can shove business to a designer's store but without the designers, we wouldn't be blogging. Or having this much fun in SL. On ther other hand it seems like we should bring these problems to light. In the end I think I'd just rather blog what I love and let the punishment for glaring errors in work be that I don't drive business to that particular store.

*) How much time do I spend researching trends and responding to what readers/consumers want, instead of what I want to wear?

None. But I'm a part time fashion blogger for a virtual world -- not a frigging fashion reporter. I don't get paid. Neither am I a market researcher. So I'm thinking doing market research and reporting on trends is not so much of an obligation for me.

Anonymous said...

I get what you are saying completely my friend. For me the fashion is a backdrop to tell my story. I will never call myself a journalist, a writer or a reporter. I am a blogger, nothing more less.

Terry Toland said...

*) When's the last time I blogged an outfit that was from a shop I'd never been to before?
- The strawberry post with Luxurious World's outfit. I also put up some food items from a store I had never been to. But I guess I"m lucky in that LW's item was free and matched what I was going for.

*) When's the last time I very politely talked to a designer about potential outfit flaws before writing about it, including use of different layers or wacky prim parts? And then, if the designer doesn't think about the changes, did I politely inform the public about these flaws?
- I don't have teh balls to ask designers for review copies, and peopel don't necesarily drop things on me. When I do, I'm just too chicken to say something directly. However, in both my review about Roll the Dice and a post about Lemania Indigo Designs, I did try to tactfully point out where things could be improved. But both were at the end of the post, and I guess you could call it 'buried'. Did I mention I was chicken?

*) How much time do I spend researching trends and responding to what readers/consumers want, instead of what I want to wear?
- I guess none, since I'm working to follow the beat of my own drum. If I have my way, the trend will be flowers and plants (not just in patterns) or food-themed items on everyone for a while. And most of my commentators right now are my friends, and they don't' really ask for anything in particular.

Well, I know we have spoken about it, and we've both raved, ranted and mused, and we're probably going to do it some more probably for a longer time than many people would care for us to do. :P There's nothing wrong with honest questioning, especially when you are looking to be positive and insightful, so I welcome this inquiry. I might not have exact answers, but I'm ok with that right now.

Lurv you, Ach! <3

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Blogging has been a huge learning experience for me. I started blogging to see if I could blog...I did it only for myself and wasn't on any feeds. I have always thought that personal blogs are much more interesting than those written by people marketing their own products for the very reason that personality comes into it. I am amazed at the depth of the designing community and am constantly finding new stores or stores that I haven't blogged before. I read blogs in order to be entertained, learn about new products and learn new ways to present my blog in a graphic way. The most interesting thing to me as a blogger is to take things and try to show them in a new way...something maybe you may have not thought of before. I also like to mix an out fit up in a creative way. I don't make is difficult for me sometimes to know quite what is wrong with a piece(though it may just not feel right)...although if something is great.. it just does.

Chic Aeon said...

Great post and I got "here" from Gogo's post on a similar subject which I haven't read yet. So, I agree that one of the best things about the Blogger Appreciation week has been the thoughtfulness (both in gifts and actual THINKING - wink) and the conversations between designers and bloggers.

The negative side for me was seeing people who were not bloggers and who became bloggers overnight and were added to existing blogs take advantage of the gifting. That so didn't work for me. No one should have to act as police; we are supposed to be adults and hopefully a bit more honest than that. I guess not.

Re editors and journalism versus blogging -- I've had editors in RL. Big name magazine editors. They aren't "better" than we are, they are simply different. Not once did I feel they made my work clearer, more precise or more poetic for the magazine readers. So, do your thing and do it happily. It's very likely you are as good as the folks with the mantles of authority :D


*) When's the last time I blogged an outfit that was from a shop I'd never been to before? This morning.

*) When's the last time I very politely talked to a designer about potential outfit flaws before writing about it, including use of different layers or wacky prim parts? And then, if the designer doesn't think about the changes, did I politely inform the public about these flaws?

Never -- or at least not in many, many months. If I love it, I blog it. Even if I don't love it but know that some of my readers are a follower of that designer, I blog it. If there are obvious flaws, I simply don't blog it -- even if it is free. I did make a small mention the other day about a seam issue that I covered up with a choker. I said clearly that there may be an issue, but that the rest of the outfit was so outstanding, I simply didn't care.

*) How much time do I spend researching trends and responding to what readers/consumers want, instead of what I want to wear?

Never. I blog what I am impressed with. Well over half of the items I blog go into the trash after I blog them. I don't have to personally love an item to blog it, but I can only use so many clothes. Accessories? That's a different story altogether. I keep most of those.

I want the designers that are doing a great job to get noticed -- especially the ones under the radar. If I "gush" then I most likely really like the item and will keep it, but even then there are only so many SL hours in the day to change outfits in and I'm always busy wearing the newest thing.

Great post. Thanks so much for writing it and keeping the conversations going.

Anonymous said...

Ach - don't.....change....a......thing! *You* are one of the people that make Second Life more interesting and more "cool." I am a huge fan (*blush*). Second Life without people like you would be a creatively sterile place. As a new blogger (only since March), I felt extrememly unworthy to join the fashion bloggers group (and told them so when I asked to join). But I've learned so much this week!

So, to answer your question - are we supposed to be journalists? I'd say no. I blog because I love SL fashion. I've done the dating thing, the vampire thing, and other things, but it's the fashion that always draws me back and keeps me here. I started blogging because my friends kept saying I should. I blog as a creative act. Like someone else said, I can't make clothes. I know - I've tried. So, I wear other people's clothes and try to create my own little piece of art.

Auntykuro said...

@Lokum: I agree with you completely that blogging and journalism are different -- that's absolutely my point. This is why I'm not sure we should be 'appreciated' -- I think that designers deserve more than blogging for their work, and don't really have it.

@Plum: I'm too nice to point out flaws too, especially because we see the hard work that goes into every item of clothing.

@Kellie: That's a really cool way to look at blogging!

@Noirran: I'd be honored to write about your stuff. We'll chat in-world.

@Sugarr: :D That's a very cool philosophy, and the heart of blogging fashion in SL, I think.

@Callie: Thank you for reading my post thoroughly so that you know I wasn't trying to offend for your wonderful idea.

@Maegen: Yep, I agree that a blogger should always go to the designer first with a flaw, talk it out, repair the item and THEN blog. So many things are worked out by communication.

@bonibaru: Thank you for reading me. :D I'm not planning to change, that's definitely part of the point of this post.

@Munchy: I L U <3 NOW WHERE'S MY FREE SHIT <3333333 jk.

@Vivianne: Errrrrr, you are pretty much agreeing with me every step of the way, but somehow sound pissed off about it. Wasn't my point clear that we're all bloggers and not journalists, nor should we be "frigging" fashion reporters? Maybe I misunderstood your tone.

@Lizzie: Yeah.

@Terry: Thank you for the last bit especially. I like people who disagree with me too, long as they - erm - actually understand my point.

@Shelby: I like your insight about why you read blogs <3

@Chic: Hm. I like your inventory trimming technique. *g* Thank you for your response, I definitely learned from it.

@acquisitive: d'aw. I'll add your blog to my sidebar, and happy blogging. I like the idea of making art with blogging, too!

Cajsa Lilliehook said...

1) This morning, yesterday and the day before. I frequently blog new-to-me stores.
2) The last time was horrible for me. I got review copies of some soon to be released freebies and explained I would not blog them because the seams don't match and as these were tights with two seams and neither matching, that it might be worthwhile to fix that before releasing since people judge stores by freebies, too. I got an earful of you are the rudest, ungrateful, etc. However, generally when I have mentioned concerns, designers have been responsive and this last time was atypical.
3) We all look at the feeds and see what people are producing so that is research. 8) Myself, I subscribe to Vogue and Worn and hit at least once a day. So, I think I do my fair share of research on trends,though I did that for years before my blog and would do it whether I blogged or not.

I agree that fashion blogging is not journalism, but disagree with your conclusion. Fashion writing is not like literary or film criticism, it's seldom critical at all. In fact, fashion blogs are more critical than fashion magazines. Read Vogue for yourself, it's totally fangirl gushing and rainbow poop. Vogue won't mention that folks inject silicone in handbag leather to soften it rather than using a higher grade, more expensive leather, but fashion bloggers will.

However, for SL designers, bloggers serve the important role of getting their name out in front of people positively.

Auntykuro said...

@Cajsa: Hah, you're right about Vogue, they only write about/pimp/gush over the court darling of the season...and it's interesting how I see fashion photos with a different eye now that I play with photoshop myself. "O look, they evened out the lighting," I'll notice. "And smoothed out the skin." Amazing how much manipulation goes on behind the scenes. Thanks again for your insightful points.

caLLie cLine said...

@achiariya... im NOT easily offended, EVER... maybe my feelings get hurt for being misjudged but i'm rarely offended.

for BAP (blog app. week) i really did NOT want to be the police though we did check all urls and refused ppl who's blogs opened AFTER the week started. (they yelled a LOT too) as it seemed only right. NEW was fine, but NOT after it started.

the legitimate 'new' people were VERY shy to even ask, (some had blogs 6 months old) and were apologizing for asking... i hoped they would feel as welcomed as the 'oldies' and it was awesome to see them so embraced. (yay for you all)

my hope was to encourage some weary bloggers, and hopefully facilitate a bit of a win/win community.

i am tired as all get out but had a blast.

btw, just to be VERY honest, at times i've seen my stuff blogged and cringed and hoped NO ONE saw it, cuz i thought the photos and stuff were really bad. (not to diss anyone) and i realize also, that seeing my stuff in a different light has also opened my eyes to think outside of 'my' box.

so win win all around :)

thanks again!

Plurabelle said...

First of all - blogging should be fun. nobody expects you to write a dry and neutral consumer report. what i love about your blog is how it reflects your own personality and style.

'fashion journalism' is rarely objective or unbiased - most likely no rl-editor would let you write an non-enthusiastic article or even an harsh critique about an important advertiser.

So - I prefer to read what you personally like. There is a wide diversity of blogs - you don't have to 'write what consumers want'. Consumers can choose whose blog they like and read - and we don't need dozens of similiar blogs about mainstream trends and styles.

Well, I have reason enough to appreciate your work anyway - you and Dot Lane were the very first bloggers who ever wrote about my stuff.

Which meant for me a totally unexpected success - without you both i probably would still have my 25 prim store and a handful of vendors at my home plot.

But much more important than the lindens i made (and immediately spent for clothes you blogged): you - and all the lovely bloggers out there who were so kind to write about my stuff - gave me the feedback and motivation to go on and to try to improve my skills.

(oh, and please tell me the flaws you so politely ignored so far :P)

caLLie cLine said...

btw, id love you to tell me my flaws too cuz i love your posts :) and i need/want to learn...i kNOW im slow on getting things out, but, other stuff?

privately tho ok? hahaha

Anonymous said...

I have never seen myself as a journalist or a wanna-be journalist, neither when I decided to take up blogging nor when I actually started. My blog is something like an online journal or a public diary, something very personal, and even though there are people who review items, I don't think the term "fashion blogger" exclusively means reviewing or "hunting for new, unknown designers," but anything that has to do with fashion in the broad sense.
I blog about vintage fashion, and a lot of the stuff I use in my pictures and blog about has been around for months or years already, but I don't blog them for the novelty factor, but because these items allow me to get creative. I just enjoy putting outfits together, and in my posts I explain why I chose this or that. Everything I show I have actually purchased, I wouldn't even ask for review copies if my blog was a lot older than it actually is.

The reason I finally joined the group - on Saturday only, because I actually did not dare asking permission before - was the wish to be part of this community, and I've got to say that I have vastly enjoyed this aspect. Previously, I had always had this sense of bloggers being beyond reproach, somehow removed from the rest of the people in SL. Of aloofness. And in that respect, a lot has changed over this weekend - my perspective is a different one now.
Sure, it was nice to get so many gifts and I am really moved by the generosity of the designers, but I would have wanted to participate without any single present at all. In fact, I might have brought up the courage to ask for permission to join a few days earlier without the gifts, because I was half expecting accusations of being a mooch if I did.

Auntykuro said...

@Plurabelle: I love your stuff and post what I love.

@Callie: Ack! :D Your stuff is awesome, I always figured you got plenty of play from amazing people like Cajsa and Gidge and Ana Lu, so I tried to keep away from that clothing 'territory' -- I'll gladly post in your stuff.

@Aderyn: Your blog sounds awesome. I'll add it to my sidebar.

caLLie cLine said...

@achariya, OMG i'd faint perhaps... feel free!!! OMG i'd love to see your styling... let me know if you want anything. or what you want

*almost faints*

Anonymous said...

I understand this thought process behind he bloggers appreciation week; definitely a very intelligent issue to bring about and I'm glad no one has been taking anything the wrong way. I'm not an old enough blogger to be of any good press to any designers and for some of them to have taken the time to say a simple thank you already warms my heart. I love the idea of a bloggers appreciation week -- because no matter what field you're in, it's always nice to a get a sincere thanks from someone as a sign of appreciation. I do however agree many of us don't serve the purpose of a fashion journalist or press very well; we simply blog, document the things we like the way we like it. It's not exactly a job because most, ok I'll start using me since I don't qualify to speak for the masses hee... yes it's not a job because I document the clothes, designers etc that I like -- so how does that qualify me to get any form of appreciation whatsoever? That was the thought I had upon further thinking about the event.

I definitely point out problems that I see in my items, such as in my skin reviews. But as for pointing them out to the designers; unless I know them well, I tend to not do so... because I guess I fear the confrontation that I get from them. I guess what I do is that if I don't like an item, I simply delete it from my inventory and walk away ^^ Which really does come back to the point as to how much of this is work, when it's really all just fun and diaries for me?

I think as bloggers, we help in a small percentage to the designers we enjoy on our personal blogs. But I think in turn designers are the only reason why we even have our blogs in the first place -- without them we would have nothing to show, nothing to add, nothing to contribute. I guess upon further thinking, I do feel like it's more appropriate for us bloggers to be showing appreciation to our designers than the vice versa since we really don't do much work ^^

caLLie cLine said...

the reason i think you deserve appreciation was spurred by a blogger who had written (by request) a review on a skin and many bloggers had been asked and she spent a long time doing it and was left out of being published and she was discouraged and thought she sucked.

it reminded me of a few bloggers i know who have been yelled at by designers and also, no matter what the reason (we all have ours) i personally KNOW that readers, designers, other bloggers appreciate what they do.

they all get "their pay" in certain ways, some by the free clothes, some like comments, some like traffic, some like doing it to do it.

i think there's enough "non appreciation" in the world so this was my small way of saying thanks to a group of ppl who inspire, and make SL fun for a LOT of ppl.

the gift were NOT the original way to thank... if you read my first post, i said, 'send an im, note, undies whatever" or something like that... to let them know you appreciate them.

the fact it turned into SO many gifts (even from other bloggers and readers) shows how much you are appreciated :)

ok that's all for now.

Chic Aeon said...

Callie - I do remember your original post and some kind words and smiles (although I do get those often and am very thankful) would have been fine. I doubt many of us "need" anything else - LOL.

Still, going to the party and seeing ALL those lovely flowers filled with gifts was pretty overwhelming. It didn't matter a bit to me what was in them, the fact that they were there spoke volumes.

And, I will say that another good thing that came of the week was that some of the new bloggers (not the instantly made into ones for the occasion but the ones that really wanted to continue to blog) got some great tips from some of the more experienced guys.

It was good to help out and that was a reward too.

Thanks again for all your work and that of all the designers. I believe much will come of this. After all, it already has :D

Anonymous said...

Achariya - thank you! :D

I haven't gotten around to create a "non-designer" blog roll yet (just as I haven't created a proper header), but I'll definitely get it done soon.

After sleeping a night over it, it dawned to me that I had used the wrong term in my comment earlier: I meant "beyond approach", not "beyond reproach." Ugh...

DoC Eldritch said...

If you look at where blogging is now, regarding designers creations, it's more an art depiction than it ever was in the past. I just don't think a lot of bloggers actually see their work that way, they should. It's similar to say poser content. Creators on Renderosity create content for use in poser generated artwork (for the most part). Your creating your own picture/art using a multitude of creators items and then basically crediting the creators . This reflects your own style and imagination and is what I appreciate. I can only present it one way in my ad's, It's the bloggers who show it.