Monday, May 18, 2009


I've been thinking hard about this blogger appreciation thing, because something about it doesn't sit quite right with me. Not that it isn't a great idea -- it's lovely, and all the people who have taken part are very nice to do it. It doesn't sit right with me because I'm a little troubled about the position that bloggers have in relation to the Second Life fashion industry.

I've ranted drunkenly to a few poor sods about this already, but I feel as if bloggers are the only press that the fashion industry has, and if we really are the only fashion press (outside of the magazines), then I suspect that I'm not taking the job seriously enough. I asked myself these questions:

*) When's the last time I blogged an outfit that was from a shop I'd never been to before?

*) When's the last time I very politely talked to a designer about potential outfit flaws before writing about it, including use of different layers or wacky prim parts? And then, if the designer doesn't think about the changes, did I politely inform the public about these flaws?

*) How much time do I spend researching trends and responding to what readers/consumers want, instead of what I want to wear?

Answers: recent-ish, not so recently, never.

That's because I really love blogging, but I'm not a fashion journalist. Before we get sidetracked into the raison d'etre of blogging, let me clearly state my point: I'm not sure that bloggers should be so appreciated by the fashion designers of Second Life, because as their only press outlet, we kind of suck as press. However, we're GREAT at being diarists, self-focused documenters of our own style. We also have zero quality control -- nobody edits our posts except for ourselves, and nobody pushes us to get better at what we do.

This works for our genre, we do a good job of writing about our own journeys through Second Life. Should designers really settle for this kind of writing as the best representation of their shops? Should readers settle for journalism that is nice instead of fair? I know that I, for one, would rather poop rainbows than rake a designer over the coals, and that's not the point of this post. I worry that my blogging isn't giving readers the kind of fair and accurate reporting that a real fashion journalist would give. (I mean, I only write about what I love, but surely readers would appreciate more than that.)

I can actually think of a few blogs that I'd go to for a solid "review" of an outfit. I tender my appreciation to these, especially Dakota Lubitsch for never flinching when writing about the negative points of an outfit (not something I would want to do myself, or would ever do in my blog). Again, I think that blogger appreciation is a fine idea, but I ask designers -- are we really enough for you? What about those of you who, for one reason or another, get no press at all?

I mean no kind of wank here, I simply wanted to talk about the issues that came up in my own head when I thought about being appreciated. Love to you all, especially those that appreciate bloggers.
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