Saturday, May 9, 2009

Royal in blue


Ahhh the elegant dorkiness that is Royal Blue. I put these clothes on and (unlike some amazing people) fail to look chic, instead I look like Sarah Jessica Parker circa Square Pegs. I love it anyway, I'm a dork inside and out (why else would I be playing an MMORPG?), and Royal Blue lets it emerge! I'm wearing some new items and some old. The bow, shirt, neato gradient tights and necklace are new, and the skirt and shoes are older.

Today I engaged in an ancient female ritual - the baby shower. Some think it's all about pink and green and fluffy frilly shit. No, baby showers are all about the indoctrination of the pregnant woman and her pre-motherhood friends into the secret society of those who have created life. Baby showers are about sharing pregnancy stories, baby excrement tales, and other motherhood-related moments. The purpose is to kindly and gently remove the sugar-coating, but to leave the mom with a feeling of support. Age after age of women from the beginning of time have given birth, and I'm willing to bet that the baby shower has been around (in one ritual form or another) for about that long.

"It's a girl thing?" Alba asked.

"Oh yes."


***Bow: (Royal Blue) Bowtasam in 80s princess
***Shirt: (Royal Blue) Enough Puff Navy
***Tights: (Royal Blue) gradient tights black
***Necklace: (Royal Blue) Love Stone Pendant in multi and gold
***Glasses: (Royal Blue) Geek Glasses
***Shoes: (Royal Blue) Heavy Metal in cobolt and silver
***Skirt: From the (Royal Blue) Carpet Dress
***Hair: W&Y hair 84 type C
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam Dark April-Crocus 2


Marni Grut said...

You'r like my poster girl icon of dorkeyness!


Auntykuro said...

:D i know, rite.