Monday, May 25, 2009



I'm a little late, but happy Second Pride. I always ponder my sexuality when I think about gay pride events. On one hand, I'm a monogamous married woman with a child. On the other, I read, write and enjoy male-male romance fanfiction, and think that the Kinsey sliders for sexuality are nowhere near as complex as the actual thing. I guess that makes me queer by virtue of thinking that I am (or maybe it's my husband telling me that I'm Gabrielle to his Xena?) -- even if I'm totally not, I still celebrate the day for everyone else. Up with love in every form!

At any rate. Happy pride, and happy rainbow Katty dress made for this occasion from katat0nik (at this satelite location). Other notable stuff in this post includes my lipring, a fish hook fishing prize from Lazy Places, and my eyes, which are the arresting and carefully crafted Lustrous eyes from Shine. Now back to my M*A*S*H slash.



***Eyes: Shine Lustrous Isla (large)
***Poses: Skanks R Us (see pose sidebar) & that middle one is the Achariya pose from Lazy Places.
***Hair ribbon: H+K lolita ribbon
***Nails: Schadenfreude gold glitter manicure
***Tie: Schadenfreude Oz Tie w/ Oxford Collar - oz hunt prize
***Shirt: Schadenfreude white oxford shirt
***Outfit: katat0nik (rainbow) katty dress
***Shoes: katat0nik (yellow/black) ghostfire boots
***Stockings: katat0nik (lt rainbow) striped stockings
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam [dark] april-tulip
***Pierce:Lazy Places Verlangen fishing lure piercing - LP fishing prize
***Hair: Umi Usagi W's hair 004 sepia black
***Earrings: Store with no name bones in a basket


Sileny said...

I totally understand your feelings about Pride day! I am a faithful married woman with a child in RL as well, but also am bisexual. It's hard to be all yay pride! when everyone is all "Umm...arent you like happily married with a kid?" haha.

Anonymous said...

Awww you look adorable. I visited Second Pride, and I just wish the shops for men had things that cute. Somehow instead of lots of fabulous gays getting together and throwing a big ole fashion party, it ends up being several stores filled with "he likes cock =>" t-shirts and banana hammocks. Also, I had NO IDEA there was such a thing as m*a*s*h slash. Hmm!

Anonymous said...

I understand that sentiment. I have lived as a lesbian for years, but eventually fell in love with a man. It confused the living hell out of me, but in retrospect I think I never was that "perfect 6" on the Kinsey scale (using this in lieu of anything more accurate) and that on most days I hover between 5 and 5.5 ...

It makes me sad, though, that most people assume I'm totally straight just because I'm in love with a man now. In the beginning I always had the urge to correct their assumptions, but by now I wonder if I don't label myself this way. If someone asks me, I just tell them I'm "queer."

Auntykuro said...

Sileny: That's very cool. It's tough to be a bisexual married lady, eh? It's kind of as though people think your sexuality changed when you got married...

Theo: ohoho, something's in the works!

aderyn: Yeah, I'm beginning to think that people are queer if they simply don't accept normal gender and sexual identity packages. Go us, for thinking about it instead of just swallowing. (*cough*)