Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pointy toes, pointy horns


Hee hee. You know, blogging is a process for me, especially the Photoshop part. The last time that I wrote about a DE Designs outfit, I accidentally wore a skin that totally blended with the outfit fabric so that people thought I was flashing my derriere. I failed so hard! AnaLu did that outfit right, wearing a slightly darker skin so that people could see the outfit as it was meant to be displayed. I learned from that, o yes.

Also, gauze. Gauze is tough to Photoshop onto a background! Therefore I kinda cheated and used a white background for my photo globe so that the gauze wouldn't catch any color. I also used a plain background to better show the real color of it in-world. I've done a poor job of photographing gauze so often...

It's all a fun (and sometimes slightly embarrassing) learning experience, as I publicly display my mistakes. Lol. ...Anyway, all that aside, I'm wearing a beautifully textured and shaped outfit from DE Designs; can't wait to see how AnaLu wears it. :D I'm wearing it with rust-colored NEW BOOTS from ~ First Flower ~. I'm a sucker for her tight and sexy boot shapes, and she's made one with a pointy toe and heel. It clings to the calf, and for the first time has a size-changing script for ease of fit. These are available in six colors, including the traditional black.



***Outfit: DoC Eldritch Designs Alysha - black
***Boots: ~ First Flower ~ Hex Pumpkin Orange
***Faun parts: Queen Titania's Court Faun in fire
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Hoke-Troika rusty
***Skin: Fleur Allure Ivory Biba 3
***Necklace: Schadenfreude pearl necklace with cameo
***Tattoo: EtchD Sin's Henna tattoo


Allegory Malaprop said...

You know, I'm totally going to forget to IM hit me up in world sometime and I'll try to share some tips for photoing things with wacky alphas. It's kinda a complex process, but it can work pretty well.

Severina said...

Acha I think the pics and backgrounds look great, you did a brill workaround for a tricksy setting.

And thankies for the always kind words about my boots <3