Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pointy toes, pointy horns


Hee hee. You know, blogging is a process for me, especially the Photoshop part. The last time that I wrote about a DE Designs outfit, I accidentally wore a skin that totally blended with the outfit fabric so that people thought I was flashing my derriere. I failed so hard! AnaLu did that outfit right, wearing a slightly darker skin so that people could see the outfit as it was meant to be displayed. I learned from that, o yes.

Also, gauze. Gauze is tough to Photoshop onto a background! Therefore I kinda cheated and used a white background for my photo globe so that the gauze wouldn't catch any color. I also used a plain background to better show the real color of it in-world. I've done a poor job of photographing gauze so often...

It's all a fun (and sometimes slightly embarrassing) learning experience, as I publicly display my mistakes. Lol. ...Anyway, all that aside, I'm wearing a beautifully textured and shaped outfit from DE Designs; can't wait to see how AnaLu wears it. :D I'm wearing it with rust-colored NEW BOOTS from ~ First Flower ~. I'm a sucker for her tight and sexy boot shapes, and she's made one with a pointy toe and heel. It clings to the calf, and for the first time has a size-changing script for ease of fit. These are available in six colors, including the traditional black.



***Outfit: DoC Eldritch Designs Alysha - black
***Boots: ~ First Flower ~ Hex Pumpkin Orange
***Faun parts: Queen Titania's Court Faun in fire
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Hoke-Troika rusty
***Skin: Fleur Allure Ivory Biba 3
***Necklace: Schadenfreude pearl necklace with cameo
***Tattoo: EtchD Sin's Henna tattoo
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