Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not so quiet Saturday


I am coughing up green stuff from my lungs today, which is why I've made my avatar so elegant. This was aided by a filmy new jacket from LOOKR -- it skims my torso like a layer of cobweb -- and MichaMi's Orla dress in Beige. The attention to fabric is lovely, especially the detailing of the strappy top. MichaMi always gives great bottom, and this dress is no exception.

I think I saw that there's going to be an accessory sale at Albero this weekend? I think I'll hop over there and buy something bright to shoo away my cold...


***Earrings: Violet Voltaire Kawaii Cameo Earrings
***Necklace: Paper Couture P.C; Vintage Rose Pearls
***Skin: Den-Dou OD3 Gothly - Pale -Dark
***Hair: Historic Heroines Mary - Coal
***Dress: MichaMi Orla in Beige
***Hand tattoos: Isle's Ink Mehndi Tattoo 3 glove
***Shoes: Nightshade Designs Court Victorian Gothique Shoes
***Jacket: LOOKR - Loupe ~ Black


swaffette Firefly said...

sorry to hear about your cough :( ive had a bad one too no fun at all. hope u feel better soon.

Fayne Khandr said...

Doesn't sound like you're too well: hope you get better soon! Looking lovely though - thank you for blogging Loupe :)