Sunday, May 17, 2009

I appreciate myself too :D


Heh. After eight hours driving from Orlando back to Athens, my brain is fried like an egg on Arizona asphalt in August. There are only so many games of I Spy one can play... although I must admit the Sunday New York Times saved me. I paid the five dalla at the roadside Starbucks (which have replaced our McDonald's pee stops) and enjoyed the hell out of some real news. Did you know that nobody likes the current pope? Apparently he needs to do the saintly wave thing more often, instead of skulking around like Emperor Palpatine.

I'm wearing a new t-shirt from Gritty Kitty. It reads, "Look at the fucking hipster," and it's self-referential, I'd imagine. I'm also wearing new boots from Fade Dana, and I think I wanna take a page from my child and let my avatar wear them to bed tonight. Mmmmm, stompy boots.

And now I'd like to pause and throw a question out about Blogger Appreciation. Erm. People give me awesome free stuff in Second Life, and then I play with Photoshop. ....This is a fun hobby, but I'm not sure how this is 'work' that needs 'appreciation.' I love you all, but you're all completely balmy. ♥ (and *runs from angry pitchfork wielding hoards!*)



***Eyes: AraluteZ vishia's eyes - pink
***Helmet and mask and goggles around teh neck: Fade Dana Motor Head in Silver-Red Dirty
***Boots: Fade Dana Greaser Boots in plain and painted top, and also with the prim pants option. In black.
***Pants: Sn@tch Latex Pants Female Red
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam [Light] April-Rainbow 2
***Shirt: Gritty Kitty LATFH tee 1
***Glove thingies: SiniStyle Lilith Sleeves - taped fingers

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Anonymous said...

those must be space pants coz your ass looks out of this world!

hehe cheesy i know but those pants are great