Friday, May 22, 2009

Gothy beachwear and the Bubu


Every year I pose myself this question: what does gothic swimwear look like? This year, Kunstkammer answered that question. It obviously looks like the sexiest little tribal arse-flap ever, settled neatly below a tidy bikini. Don't forget SPF 300 lotion and an umbrella for more-than-complete sun coverage. The bikini is also perfect for showing off my new arcane tattoos from ~silentsparrow~. You can follow the legends in every line of the hart, thistle and thorn tattoo, ancient symbols of heraldry etched in avatar skin...

Then, there's the Bubu (bottom picture). Logan has been working on this avatar for quite some time now, and I've watched every step of the way. At first I was initially skeptical. "Isn't that the Munny?" I asked.

Logan said that he'd always wanted one but isn't able to get one where he lives, so he extended his appreciation for it into SL, where he's enabled everyone to play with the Bubu avatar. He's made it cheap and completely personalizable like the Munny, complete with his own neatly scripted spraycan that shoots a personalized skin over it. In the picture below I'm wearing a personalization from The Stringer Mausoleum-- Helena's turned the Bubu into a cute Elder God, and you can get this skin later today from her shop at Oz. (SLURLS below in credits). You can get a basic Bubu with a personalizable skin today, opening day, at Logan's shop over here.



***Glasses: /artilleri/ Onyxia sunglasses red
***Tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ hart, thistle & thorn tattoo
***Hair: BP* micky dango hair
***Skin: Nomine Mourna red
***Shoes: Lazy Places Bugged Ladybug Flats
***Outfit: Kunstkammer Alicia Bikini set in black, with belt
***Umbrella and AO: ANA_mations Orange Parasol & parasol AO

***Bubu avatar: Basic Bubu
***Personalizations: The Cthulhu parts are by The Stringer mausoleum, and it'll be available later today at Helena's store on the Oz sim.

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Anonymous said...

:D Thank you for the write-up, and I love the Bubu AV!