Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting shirty


Schadenfreude came out with oxford shirts yesterday. Never one to do things by halves, Allegory created a shirt for men and women with tucked, untucked, messy and neat shirt tails on every conceivable level. Then, she made this shirt in roughly a billion colors (I didn't count, they fill up a whole wall at her shop). I'm wearing the sepia color today in all of the shirt tail options. Allegory's apparently coming out with ties to go with this, but mine for this outfit is from Bliensen + Maitai. I'm also wearing new hair from Little Bird, the super-adorable Olivia (I'd like to see how glowingly gorgeous Elusyve would look in this hair).

I'm going to celebrate May 2 by doing...more statistics, followed by SUSHI! Stick, carrot. Right?



***Nails: Schadenfreude Copper Glitter Manicure
***Pierce: Ellabella Xerim's Conundrum
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) flare oxford in brown
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - mourna autumn
***Pants: Studio Sidhe rough linen high top pants (safari)
***Shirt: Schadenfreude Oxford Shirt in sepia
***Hair: Tiny Bird Olivia - Hazelnut
***Tie: Bliensen + Maitai Tie Scavenger under collar version

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