Wednesday, May 6, 2009

But what am I hanging over?


Day after my birthday and my husband's making fun of my hangover. "Such a lightweight," he's teasing, "you had all of ... two drinks. What a cute little hangover." Grrrrrowl.

I'm wearing two new things of note -- interesting new makeups from Helena Stringer (of The Stringer Mausoleum, it's nice to see her branching out into these pastel-toned skins), and frilly cuffs and a neck ruff from Schadenfreude. As per usual, the jewelry comes with a color changing hud that makes them incredibly versatile. I think the makeup makes me look mischievous, which is pretty close to part of my real life personality, for better or worse...


***Shirt: Canimal from the Nox outfit in white
***Skirt: Sn@tch Spellbound skirt in black
***Hair: Umi Usagi W's Hair 002 milk white
***Tattoo: dEVOL Hibiscus tattoo
***Skins: Pastel Skins - Alien Underground for Sn@tch from The Stringer Mausoleum -- these skins will be available slightly later today, Helena's having vendor issues.
***Cuffs: Schadenfreude Jerry's Lament choker and cuffs with color changing hud


Helena Stringer said...

thanks for choosing The Stringer Mausoleum for all your post party skin needs!


Auntykuro said...

*grin* great hangover skin. <3