Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bug me


Sakuradawn and Katat0nik collaborated on a completely adorable set. Sakura made boots and dolly shoes named the bugged set (adorned with ladybugs as well as dragonflies, death's head moths, and 'phire'flies), and Katat0nik made a dress based on the ladybug one, the Ladybugged. The boots spawn flying bugs, just like my favorite Lazy Places Vlinders (mmm, the monarchs!), and I admit that I set the spawn rate to the highest because they're just that cute. (Sorry for all the sims I've lagged.)

You can see the shirt that goes under this dress over at Gogolita's cute post. I chose to wear my favorite Otaku Designs tattoo, the sugar skulls. I was inspired to go get more Gauze hair after seeing Mourna's post yesterday (lookie how cute), so I'm wearing the Aural high ponies.

ALSO! Luth Brodie, bless her heart, sent out a packet of poses to the DSN group last night. I adore Reel Expressions poses (I use them quite often), especially how carefully they're made. None of my limbs ever enter my body, and everything is beautifully smoothed out so that none of my body parts distort. I added these poses gleefully to my Huddles and have used them in this post. (See my pose sidebar for her slurl.)



***Tattoos: Otaku Designs sugar skulls & roses
***Skin: Nomine sylvan skin - ultralight
***Dress: *katat0nik* (black) Ladybugged
***Hair: [Gauze] Aural - Black
***Boots: [Lazy Places] bugged boots
***Necklace: [Lazy Places] Follower Necklace (key)


Terry Toland said...

Mmm, so darkly sweet, a perfect gothic lolita. The boots might not have worked if you didn't have that dark hair or tattoos (in addition to Sakuradawn actually having ladybugs on them), but you definitely ahve the air of a girl that will stomp on someone's sandcastle or grave.

Emi Bade said...

You have great sense of how to wear tatoo.
Honestly I've never worn tatoo on my blog just because I'm not good at selecting and wearing it!!
Keep up your Great work, achariya!!
You inspired me and now I'm thinking about how I should wear tatoo in the upcoming summer :D
Thank you <33

Auntykuro said...

t: :D i dunno. sometimes my outfits are more PSAs than actual well-thought-out ensembles. but i'm glad this works.

emi: awww, glad you are going to wear a tattoo! i know you'll be quite amazing, and it'll look seamless with the rest of your avatar.