Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blogger Appreciation Post


Happy almost birthday, Teagan (it's Friday)! I'm wearing one of her birthday hairs, the Cuppi. I wasn't sure why it was called Cuppi until I donned the hair and looked. The buns are two cute cupcakes! I'm also wearing a fluffy dress from DP**yumyum, a color variation on the pink-arse one in the group camp chair. I love the fluffiness of it, and think it suits the colors of my Callie Cline "kick shickers." I have a weakness for cowboy boots, and today I'm wearing them out of appreciation to Callie for her nice idea!

Blogger Appreciation.

Closet Crisis:

Hethr Engle (Website here!) introduced me to blogging and taught me how. She's the most creative person in Second Life when it comes to mixing layers and putting together all-new outfits from many different designers. She also has adorable compositions and backgrounds, and my first-ever fashion post was to Closet Crisis. Thank you for everything, miss Hethr! I'm always learning from you.

Cajsa and Gidge:

Today I'm grateful for a few elegant ladies of style who do an amazing job of blogging Second Life clothing. First, Cajsa Lilliehook. (Website here!) What do I love about her blog? She always writes crisply and elegantly, describing both the clothing and the adventures she went through to find them. I can't be appreciative of Cajsa without appreciating Gidge too, who also posts at the above site. Both of them take photos with amazing lighting, showing every part of an outfit in a fluid way. Thanks to you two for setting a high standard!


More appreciation goes to Ana Lutetia (Website here!) for being not just the most amazing new release blogger out there (with impeccable styling and photography), but for being GEEKY about it as well -- and by this I mean that she shares her process, both the glitches and the successes and the workarounds, generously sharing her experiences and expertise as she negotiates our gaming platform.


Even more appreciation goes to Gogolita (Website here!). She's lovely at what she does, which is running a sim, as well as the excellent iheartsl website, a perfect way for new and growing bloggers to find their way onto the Fashion Planet feed. This service, as well as her beautifully lit skin reviews, make her a blogger worth following.

People whose legs I'd like to hump:

And more appreciation goes to the fracking awesome blogging team at Strange Pixels, but then again they know I love them. Why? Innovative outfits and settings, beautiful styling, perfectly dark senses of humor. Can I hump your legs? I'm going to stick my Broke and Notorius woman Terry Toland into the cadre of leg-humpees. I also shamelessly thieve her style. Thank you. More drooling and leg-humping goes to SLaundry's Elusyve Jewell, arguably the most beautiful blogger in Second Life (okay, I can't choose between Elusyve and Strawberry). Damn. I'm adding Phire and Sakuradawn at Malicious Style to the must-hump list, because of their cuteness, attention to detail, beautiful photography, and range of eclectic style. Finishing off this list (for the moment) is Brandy Rasmuson, who is humpable because she's super-gorgeous with adorable taste in clothing that ranges from elegant to cute. Now I'm tired from all that leg-humping...


MORE APPRECIATION to Lawless McBride (of Half Arsed) for commenting on my blog before I knew he was a nice guy with awesome taste instead of a weird stalker (just kidding of course). His only flaw is that he doesn't post enough for his fangirls. Get your ass out of that silly RL and come feed our need, Lawless. =) (Just kidding, I sincerely hope that RL is going well for you right about now.) And speaking of boys, appreciation to the warmest vampire on earth for organizing all kinds of fun stuff for Rezzables as well as relief funds... He's unstoppable when he's got his mind set on something, and I admire that even more than the pretty vampire in pretty outfits.

Allegory Malaprop:

And I'll end this installment of appreciation with Allegory Malaprop's TWO BLOGS. I loooooooooooooved reading her travelogue posts about Starlust and environs, and hope she's not done with that project yet, because it's addictive to get the inner scoop on how sims are formed. These are in her personal blog in which she muses about Second Life. She's also got a store blog in which she posts pretty fashion. True to form, the woman doesn't know how to make just one of anything.

Keep on being awesome, bloggers, and thank you for being so nice to me yesterday while I was working through my thoughts, everyone -- and I'm sure I'll post this and immediately facepalm because I forgot someone.


***Bracelet: aya V leather bangle in brown
***Tattoo: Alices Garden tattoo - macy
***Dress: DP**yumyum rose petal dress: gold
***Shoes: Callie Cline kick shickers natural leopard
***Skin: [42] skin fukumi_03 pale
***Hair: Tea Lane Cuppi in ashblonde
***Poses: Luth fashion poses (see pose sidebar)


Anonymous said...

I already pooped rainbows all over plurk but I thought I would post again here: (copied from plurk, yes I am lazy)

that was really lovely. I agree about Cajsa and Gidge. I luuuurve their photos.
and gogo, not enough room here to say how I feel about that lady
and of course my ray of sunshine Terry Toland. I <3 her.
and You Ach. You are awesome.
Did i poop enough rainbows yet?
OMG cant forget strange pixels too haha. Ok i shutup now

And miss Callie. She makes me smile.

Unknown said...


Terry Toland said...

This post is full of awesome and win for its great positive vibes! Have I mentioned I <3 you long time, Ach?

Though there's been adversity, you're such an epic role model in plowing forward to take the high road. As I continue to grow, I hope I can be such a glowing, progressive individual as you.

Terry Toland said...

Oh, and I NEED that hair now.

Cajsa Lilliehook said...

Oh, this could be just as much funn as that cupcake hair. The flowers rock it, by the way.

I have to start with Felice Haruka (http://feliceharuka.blogspot.com) because hers was the first blog I ever followed religiously even though it was in Japanese and I could only look at the pictures and the credits.

Your blog, Achariya, introduced me to the idea that blogs could be more than pictures, but also stories and journals and adventures.

Analu (http://analutetia.com/) Seriously, who is not inspired by her professionalism and principled dedication to advancing blogging and fashion.

Like Felice, I have never met Uma (http://mctoastface.wordpress.com/) and Ohmai (http://ohmyohmai.wordpress.com) but really enjoy their whimsical fashion sense and great style.

Gogo (http://juicybomb.typepad.com/blog/) and (iheartsl.com) and avanista.com and probably more. I admire her fearless small "d" democratic spirit. Contrary to the stereotype of fashionistas as cliquish and exclusionary, she opens IheartSl to all - favoring none. While some like to make a virtue out of exclusivity, Gogo encourages competition and innovation by moving in the opposite direction. Likewise, when the fear that the fashionplanet would shut down, she moved quickly to fill the vacuum so that people need not lose exposure and be shut out by those who prefer exclusivity. I actually think she has done more to promote SL Fashion bloggers than anyone - so have to admire that spirit.

Then there are the WRITERS who produce the masterpieces Strange Pixels and Virtual Neko. I admire Connie Sec's exploration of photography and the search for realism in her work. I love Lizzie's fearless honesty and humor. Winter's community spirit, fashion wit and style are a wow! and then I could go on and on and still overlook someone...so I will have to end with my favorite of them all, my blogging partner Gidge who is kind, witty, self-deprecating and flat-out the funniest woman on the grid.

Samara Barzane said...

After seconding "all of the above", I have to salute Hethr and Acha for being the fabulous bloggers they are, bioth in skill and intelligence. You both have taught me oodles

Mourna Biziou said...


Unknown said...


Grady Echegaray said...

Momo whispered in my ear when I started posting on strange pixels
"Achariya, she's the one..."
*smiles* and you are. Thank you for the example you set for us all. *hugs*
I go squish now.

caLLie cLine said...

wow,i just woke up, got my cup of coffee, saw this post and all i can say is it ALMOST brought tears to my eyes.

why? because what could have turned it to weeks of ugly drama, division, hurt ppl, was turned into, a wonderful opportunity for appreciation, gratitude and kindness.

the whole blogger appreciation was started to encourage a very amazing group of people and to see it going on just warms my heart.

all the free gifts in the world can't buy this.

thank you so much achariya for this post, and for taking the time to really reflect on people like you mentioned who have influenced you.

remember, "more of us are stronger than one of us" and we truly have AMAZING possibilities when we encourage, join and appreciate each other.

we ALL (myself included) suffer from being jealous, scared, intimidated, and feeling like we're not "enough" we all hide it differently but it's F'ING AMAZING
to realize we're all human, and at times frail and also at times very strong.

thank you again for the encouraging post, the boots look great imho with that dress but after reading what i did, well, you could have been nude :)

you rock girl.



Ketsy said...

Such a great post, what a list. You are among my favorites, so I am certain it is mutual admiration on the part of those you listed.

~ Ketsy

Allegory Malaprop said...

I'm not done yet! I got out of the groove with shirts...ties...hair....etc. But I've got another one started and mostly ready to go!

Anonymous said...

It took me a little to know how to respond to your kind words as well as being included with such admirable group, many of whom I fangurl. thank you and also thank you for showing us the beauty which is true and lasting, and that is, the beauty of YOUR spirit!