Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wonder what we'd do without Photoshop?


I've been playing hard with my photoshopping skillz these past few days. Mourna was kind enough to give me some tips about making neat backgrounds, but I was extremely frustrated about my extracting-image-from-background ability until Elysium Eilde messaged me (like some kind of IM angel) and said: ever heard about masking? Lo, masking makes a lot of difference, so does selecting with a slight feather. The line around my avatar is no longer quite so jagged! Sadly I can't do anything about image quality until I get a desktop (MacBooks can't take screenshots at larger than 1600x1200), but until then I think I'm pretty satisfied. Thanks, you two. Wanna split a first born child? ...Just kidding...

I'm wearing the pretty new dress by (Elate!) named Silvia, along with bits of feather from The Closet and hair from a place that gorgeous miss Suri pointed out, Liriope. The skin is a rather dramatic new creation from Tacky Star, and the gorgeously textured stockings and arm poofs are from ~silentsparrow~, yet more reasons why buying just one complete outfit can extend in so many creative ways.


***Hat: TC in Shelter feather headpiece 01
***Necklace: TC in Shelter feather necklace
***Earrings: The Closet Feather Earrings
***Boots: 69 Knit Boots - Noir
***Gloves and arm poofs: ~silentsparrow~ serendipity dress
***Socks: from the ~silentsparrow~ toxine suite in cocoa
***Dress: (Elate!) Silvia (Chocolate)
***Hair: :Liriope: GLG black
***Skin: Tacky Star "Whitewash" skin!!


Anonymous said...

Ooo, I got the outfit that goes with those stockings last night. It's adorable. I wish I had your skill with assembling outfits.

E said...

what I love is that I talked about masking relating to a totally different Photoshop task, and you were able to take that and apply it to extracting the image from it's background... you got some smarts!


Auntykuro said...

isn't it great, danuv? i love the texture of the toxine outfit, lots and lots. and you have yer own awesome way of putting stuff together!

:p thanks, ely. someday i will learn how to composite photos together.

Sascha Frangilli said...

Lol, could you tell me as well how the Masking with lighter feather works?


Auntykuro said...

@ Sasha -- it isn't a perfect solution. :p But when you Select --> Color Range, make sure you also --> feather after you select it, for a few pixels (3, 4?). That'll help the edges stay a bit soft. Also, I totally cheat, and photo against a backdrop in the same color as I make my background. :| So I haven't 100% figured it out, but this will hopefully help. Ely also taught me masking, which is complicated, but you can go to youtube and search for "photoshop masking tutorial" and that'll show you better than I can tell you. =)

Anonymous said...

WHAAA - Lizzie Lexington uses Gimp and badly I must say LOL. I want photoshop! Lizzie pouts and leaves the blog page.

Auntykuro said...

I like your photos, Lizzie! They show setting and your outfit clearly, and have good lighting.

Mourna Biziou said...

Ach, I totally used to take pics against a similar-colored background until just recently. I started green-screening it like maybe a month or two ago.

Your pics are looking great (as always!) and this outfit is <3!

Niya said...

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