Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is Winter. Yes, Winter.


Yes, it's Winter, and yes, I've taken over this blog today. We all know that Achariya bores us to tears with her frequent posting on the fashion feed, so I went to her skybox to see what exactly powers all of that spurious creativity. Then I realized she'd left her username and password written on the wall...

So you get me in here today. We all know I'm prettier, dress better, and have more attachment points than that poseur will ever have. Plus, I'm a vampire, and we just naturally sparkle. If you want to see a REAL fashion blog, mine is over here.

Looking around Acha's skybox, I realized the secret to her frequent blogging: ... Wait, Elusyve, get off me, I'm trying to type some... .fff ls sodjlaskl; ELUSYVE! Everyone will figure out why we don't blog as often as Acha!

Hey! That's my...

Fine, I'll wear the kitty ears, just let me type a moment!

So yes, the secret to her frequent blogging is 234lk5lllllllllllllllll

ELUSYVE! Get your hands off my .... You've got to save some for the other girls!

Women. They simply can't keep off me. Anyway, it's her

Edit: Pfffft, some revenge. You'll never sparkle like I do, and my freenis is MUCH BIGGER, and it's PINK



Azazeal Whitfield said...

*insert 70s pwawn musics*

Stacey said...

ha! Great post winter. The best thing I could have read as I just woke up. It set my mood for the day!

Anonymous said...

dayum that's fine Winter!
*gets out the REALLY big tub 'o popcorn. lulz