Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pose review: Joy poses by Lazy Places


Today's pose pictures are of the new Joy poses from Lazy Places. They're playful and energetic and perfect for goofing about with pals -- something that, um, I should be reminded to do occasionally in Second Life. The outfit that I'm wearing is the result of sorting inventory in the Utsuku City camp chairs this morning. Shockingly (or not), my avatar ended up looking a hella lot like I do IRL, with the exception of the red pumps. I'd be wearing pink converse instead, and a slightly more plain hat.

In the top photo, if you squint, you can see that I'm wearing a neat new necklace from Kunstkammer. It has a cephalopod on it, staring cutely out from the pendant. It's being eaten by the patterned shirt from Kurotsubaki -- totally Spring and garden-wear, which I felt encouraged to buy after reading Elusyve's post over here (she's so pretteh!).

Hah, I realized how vastly different this nerdly post is from the sultriness of my last one. Poor readers, having to bend to my whims. At least I'm consistently all over the place?




***Glasses: /artilleri/ nora glasses *teal*
***Hair: Zero Style Yui Chestnut
***Skin: BettiePage Dec Skin 03-a
***Pants: DP**yumyum drop Capri Pants in white smoke
***Shrug: Honey Kitty (mint) knit shrug
***Shirt: Kurotsubaki OCS tulip
***Hat: marlys the sewing circle hat
***Shoes: Lotta Dorothy shoes in red
***Necklace: Kunstkammer Octoneck
***Nose pierce: Deviant Kitties Antic Set
***Poses: Joy poses by Lazy Places

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/me loves the hat!