Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not me: Strawberry Singh and Elusyve Jewell

Elysuve Jewell and Strawberry Singh

Eris took the apple of war into her hand. Whirling her arm she hurled into the banquet the primal seed of turmoil and disturbed the choir of goddesses. Hera, glorying to be the spouse and to share the bed of Zeus, rose up amazed, and would fain have seized it. And Aphrodite, as being more excellent than all, desired to have the apple, for that it is the treasure of the Erotes (Loves). But Hera would not give it up...
-- Apuleius, The Judgement of Paris



Berry is wearing:
***Skin: Lelutka - LondonTan - makeup7b
***Shoes: Armidi Barcelona Slingback Gold
***Hair: Truth Sehra Mocha
***Sari: {Zaara} Menaka red
***Jewels: {Zaara} Suvarna white (fat pack)
Elusyve is wearing:
***Sari: Menaka Bronze from Zaara
***Tat: "to all eternity" from Inflict
***Nose chain: "silver nose chain with bells" from Studio Sidhe
***skin: "Grace natural" from PXL Creations
***Hair: "Sehra" from Truth
***Necklace: "Harvest Bronze" from Shine
***Bracelet: "Beautiful Slave Bracelet" from EarthStones
***Bangles: "lines styles" from Mezzo


Marls Vaughan said...

OMG!!! this is hilarious. it stopped me in my tracks!

well DONE!

Auntykuro said...

Hah, thanks Marly. It was Elusyve's idea to have a betchfight.

Strawberry Singh said...

This turned out so great and it was so much fun to shoot! Thank you. :) <3

Winter Jefferson said...

Best photoshoot EVER.