Friday, April 10, 2009

Not me: Hethr Engle

Hethr Engle

I caught Hethr Engle as she was shopping earlier today, dragged her back to my skybox and snapped a few photos. "I'm just in a shopping outfit," she protested, "let me throw on some shoes." Then she put on the perfect pair of orange flats that made her entire outfit pop... I love color and she's got an amazing touch with it, even for her "just shopping" outfit.

Then the poor woman had to go lie down and let the twins fight in her belleh. I hope you feel better soon, Hethr!


Hethr is wearing:
***Eyes- Dualtone Eyes - (Avocado 2) from [Scarlia Inc] at Tora 5 76/178/24
***Hair- Jude - (Blonde 2) from Elle F at CHAI Skins by Launa Fauna at Port Obscura 127/131/487
***Skin- Pirate Annie V2 Skin (Light) from Celestial Studios at Celestial City 68/240/27 **Halloween Exclusive not available*
***Tank- Trixie Cami Undershirt and underpants (Melon) from Celestial Studios at Celestial City 68/240/27
***Sweater- Under the Boardwalk with You/bow tee (Seawater)from Thimbles at Lloyd/89/83/23
***Pants- 1st mate capris (white) from artilleri mainstore! :) retro and rockabilly fashions. at artilleri 91/123/26
***Shoes- Orange Basic flats from 50 Flats at Onchiar/94/43/87

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