Monday, April 6, 2009

Not me: Flippa Stella

Flippa Stella of FlipSide

Enduring Success

I stand amongst the courageous,
who've rallied despite the rain.

Who've succeeded and prevailed,
ignoring all the pain.

Marking each of life's lessons in totem and ink.
Making souls soar, making minds think.

For it has not proved enough to survive, to bow down or demure...
So we mark ourselves and boast, our achievements...we've endured.

-- By Kat Nelson



Flippa Stella is wearing:
***Hair - Red Queen: Envy
***Skin - Redgrave
***Top - FlipSide (coming soon)
***Jeans - Decadent Design
***Face and Body Piercings - ::FlipSide:: (surprise surprise)
***Tattoos- ::FlipSide:: Coloured Sleeves , & Etchd: Guns
***Necklace - ::FlipSide::

1 comment:

Faery Sola said...

*points at Flip* OMG I know her!!!! *happy dance* YAY Flippa! that woman ROCKS!!!! My bestie from the beginning of our SL days together!... I am totally having a whole fan-girl moment here!!!! YAY!!!

Great post Acha! =D