Saturday, April 4, 2009

Not me: Aisuru Reiko

Aisuru Reiko

It was the White Rabbit, trotting slowly back again, and looking anxiously about as it went, as if it had lost something; and she heard it muttering to itself `The Duchess! The Duchess! Oh my dear paws! Oh my fur and whiskers! She'll get me executed, as sure as ferrets are ferrets! Where can I have dropped them, I wonder?'


Aisuru Reiko is wearing:
***Eyes: (Miriel) Standard Eyes - Silver Screen (miriel sim)
***Hair: Nightshade Designs-Lenore Grimm Hair- Moonlight
***Skin: Genesis Eden, Ginger, Nekophelia skin
***Bewbs: Ayumi cleavage v2.6 Light (tinted) -Ex Vita Un Nex-
***Bunneh ears: Katat0nik bunny ears
***Nails: Vain darksider nail polish (old group gift)
***Corset: Sn@tch Tainted corset in black
***Shirt: Nightshade Designs Blacklist Funeral Stripes lowcut top
***Skirt: Katat0nik Buckley skirt in white
***Sleeves: Katat0nik dollie dress sleeves in white
***Shoes: Nightshade Designs Datura's Night shoes in Beetlejuice
***Choker: Ultra Kitty NANA choker (from Bunny Hop hunt)
***Lip ring: Fairy Tail face jewelry
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