Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More pants


I'm still in the mood for pants, and (since it's either this or revise my dissertation chapter), I'm going to say the word pants for a while: pants. Pants. Pants. Pants. (Wow, a few more 'pants' and this could be an RP log.)

Uma looks so fantabulous in this Rockberry skin over here that I snuck over picked it up (and thus does information travel on the interwebs). I'm wearing a new coat from Manticorp, a place with tomboyish rough-and-ready jackets that somehow still look sexy, and I'm wearing it with completely torn up WMD jeans. The belt and tube-top come from Triangle (formerly Ghost). They make me happy in a Madonna video kind of way! [Hey Adaire: you were asking me about obscure tattoo shops earlier. Warudakumi is a new-to-me shop with pretty Japanese-type tattoos in it.]


***Nails: Schadenfreude Silver Glitter manicure
***Jacket: Manticorp M17 Half Flak Jacket
***Hair: Umi Usagi W's Hair 002 Milk White
***Lipring: Ellabella pretty pearls on one's lip.
***Jeans: WMD Ronin Hara Jeans Low Rise Ripped
***Belt, tube top: /TRI\ fake pianist belt and top
***Tattoo: Warudakumi EKT tattoo rendan
***Skin: Rockberry character skin group gift
***Boots: Slink Angelina boots (shoe bit)

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Unknown said...

ooooo...great jeans! :)