Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Me, myself and Elusyve


Last night I was at the Sn@tch dance and said something totally ridiculous like I know I post a lot in my blog, I just hope y'all aren't getting sick of it." Of course, Winter chimed right in with "Too late!" After the usual round of insults, Winter and I whispered quietly that a blog war would be fun for April Fool's day... Which we accomplished early this morning.

Except, here's the fun part, Winter posted the one in his journal, using my shape and taking the piss out of my writing style (you rat bastard), and I posted the one in mine, using Winter's shape and writing style. (Did you like the sparkles? I totally added those just for Twilight fans.)

We had fun putting this together. Elusyve sat between us gleefully saying helpful stuff like, "Your hair isn't white enough" "Use the Trap skin" and "can I bonk both of you at once?" Her assistance was most necessary. In thanks for her help, we put together a small gay photo montage of Winter and Himself, and me and myself.

Now I have Winter Jefferson's shape. Whatever shall I do with it? *evil cackle*



Winter Jefferson said...

Love it - and you pegged me GOOD. Almost reached the heights of my vanity.


Anonymous said...

yaaay.. can i still bonk both of you *wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Stacey said...

Take his shape to a furry sim? O.O Not one of the nice ones but there are some pretty mean ones out there. =x *hides*