Friday, April 10, 2009

Lots of leg


I've talked to a few people about the concept of beauty lately. The consensus seems to be that loveliness lies in personality. In Second Life this is especially evident because your personality can be immediately expressed by your avatar's look. ...I know that due to my genetic heritage I've got a strong streak of the trickster in me (darn that mischievous father), so my avatar tends to drift chaotically around. The one constant has been my shape, up until now.

I kinda fail at putting together looks for this tall shape! I'm still trying for Milla-esque (lots of leg, spare, only a few colors, and I went with Samara's suggestion to don some long hair), but she's got a magic with her own look that I can't quite achieve (nor would I want to, really). Instead, as Niv mentioned, I am firmly stuck in cute, so I might as well make the most of it. It's still fun to play with different avatars, and also fun to tower over people (I'm 5'3 IRL, not 6'6 like this girl).


***Earrings: The Closet Gypsy Earrings
***Dress: Zenith Cream Dress
***Shoes: Draconic Kiss Dbl Strap MaryJanes
***Hair: Zero Style Chocolat Black
***Skin: Slink Bijou Skin Pale Retro
***Bracelets: Sn@tch Royal Bangles
***Shape: Acha Teh Model by Ellabella, custom shape