Thursday, April 9, 2009

Long, tall Acha


It was difficult to get dressed today for various reasons. I've decided to study elegance, and because of that I've had my nose deep in Michami's old blog. Step one, VERY TALL SHAPE. I put away petite little Acha for a week or so, because I wanted to see if I could learn from Michami's lessons. Ellantha was kind enough to make a model-esque shape for me. It's very pretty, and I still feel completely awkward in it.

Step two, emphasis on legs. Okay. Pants, right? Step three, focus on a few colors. I'm drawn to darker colors than Miss Micha, so I thought I'd stick to the classics while I'm learning, i.e. red and black and white. I've tried to repeat red a few times in this dressup, keeping the rest of it simple. Step four, not overly adorned. I stuck to earrings and a tie, and left the wings and horns and tail off. Fitting prims is an entirely different issue with a tall skinny av, and I still screwed up the cuffs. I also think I should've worn white boots instead of red. AH WELL! :D

How the hell do I still look cute rather than elegant? I speculate it's because I have an innate shyness about letting my av look all sexxeh. *grumble* Ah well, it's all about having fun learning, right? :D


***Pierce: No Mercy Lip Piercing
***Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai Earrings Agroglyphe - gold-
***Bustier: MichaMi Carmela Bustier top in Nude
***Skin: Curio Pearl-Perse-Frex
***Outfit: Bare Rose Casablanca Lady SE
***Hair: Tiny Bird Esme - Espresso (Coming soon to a Second Life near you!)
***Shoes: Bottom part of the Slink Angelina Boots in Red
***Shape: Acha-the-model by Ellabella -- a custom job, thanks, Ellantha.
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