Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Leave them alone and they'll come home


Once upon a time in Festivale, Little Loli Lost went looking for her sheep. She finally found them -- they'd been abducted by the evil Queen Autumn and conscripted to labor in her petting zoo! Sadly, Little Loli didn't have mod rights, so she couldn't set the sheep up in naughty positions for Queen Autumn to find. Stymied, she decided to photograph her pretty outfit (the new Selador from ~silentsparrow~, mixed up with Snow Glass) and shoes (new Hyasynths from [Shiny Things]) instead.

This post is brought to you by the letter R for Random. (My other idea was to post some Ice Cube lyrics, but this was much more tasteful.)



***Necklace: ellabella The Proverbial Pearl Necklace
***Cuffs and earrings: Violet Voltaire Love Like Blood in blood
***Hair: Zero Style Roussy in Raven
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam [Dark] April-tulip 1
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Hyasynths - black
***Jacket and skirt: from the ~silentsparrow~ Selador set
***Bodice, cape, gloves and stockings: from the ~silentsparrow~ Snow Glass set
***Photos taken on the Festivale sim.


Unknown said...

LOL @ Evil Petting Zoo! This was so cute! Thanks for making me smile! :)

Anonymous said...

OOH, Bunneh Lizzie needs those shoes!

Alexandra S FitzGerald said...

So pretty, as always!

You know... I was wondering if there's something specific you do to get your screenshots looking so good! All the lines are smooth and pretty, and I am totally envious.

Auntykuro said...

@ stacie <3 glad it made you smile.

@ lizzie: o hell yes.

@ asfizgerald. basically, follow all the most awesome advice from analu over here:

Also, I take my photos at the largest size that my computer (mac) lets me, which is sadly only 1600x1200. People with better graphics card can crank this number waaay up. Then, if I'm still not satisfied, I go into photoshop and manually blur around the edges of my av so that it doesn't suck. :| So yeah, I take some time with teh photos...

Alexandra S FitzGerald said...

Aaah, thank you~
I'm on a mac too, and I was getting vastly tired of using the smudge tool for like 9 hours in photoshop, so even if I still have to do SOME blurring, it will be an improvement!

Unknown said...

/me feels dumb! I was at Shiny Things last night and forgot to buy those pretties.

(Psst... I take my pics around 3200x2400 and then use the 500x500 size for the blog)