Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kimono from Gauze


Yukio Ida of [Gauze] has been making some interesting new things, lately, including this strappy short sexxeh kimono. I had on a few skins under the undershirt-layer boob strap before settling upon this one; the key is donning very small nipples, or losing some shame, heh. I liked the straps enough to keep them, though! (In real life, how would one keep that in place, I wonder?)

I'm also back to my normal shape -- I put this kimono onto the tall av and thought, hmmmm, it looks sexy and all but it lacks...CUTE! So I shrank and put on items of cuteness, like the hair and horns. I'm not done poking at a taller avatar, but I think various people are right; I'm kind of hooked on the cute aesthetic.


***Mask: Skanks R Us Rebreather Gasmask
***Boots: SiniStyle Deception Boots
***Tattoo: Alices Garden tattoo Macy
***Hair: House of Munster OMFG Platinum + Tips
***Horns: Illusions Cerwn Horns
***Skin: Schadenfreude Alabaster Elsa Black Face
***Piercings: FlipSide Nose attach 7
***Kimono: [Gauze] Amaya Kimono


Addi said...

I think that the only thing 'cute' about these pics is your personality. Its pure sexy.

Auntykuro said...

Thanks, Addison! You're kind to say this -- I guess it's impossible to not be a little sexy with one's boob sticking out, eh?