Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've got my helmet on

Needles McMillan on a 19 LOCS bike.

You don't really need many words when you get to photograph a Hobbit on a motorcycle. Fade Dana and her pals took me out for a ride tonight to test out her new Motor-Head II helmets. You can find all the helmets that we're wearing at Fade Dana's shop, along with goggle and mask accoutrements (SLURL here). Fade, Needles and I are wearing coveralls by 19 (SLURL here). Photos were taken at the Wasteland's Junkyard.

"Born to kill" -- Bakersfield Kidd on the 'Old School' bike by Iron Head Motorcycles


Fade Dana on a bike by Gantz Nishi, not being sold currently

Fedor McNally was kind enough to let me sit bitch on his 19 LOCS bike.

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