Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Introducing Drowsy!


I am not a big t-shirt person, but when three of my favorite designers get together to make a t-shirt shop, I can totally be convinced. BettiePage (of BP*), sato Yifu (of Kurotsubaki), and Mai Runo (of Zero Number) have gotten together and created a t-shirt shop in Koenji named Drowsy. It has a selection of about fifteen completely adorable t-shirts, including a few that had me pondering the eternal zen of English translation. I hope they expand to create other sleepy-time products!



***T-shirts: by Drowsy -- lemon, stars, and No15
***Hair: Hal*Hina (almond) Hair - priscilla - Bunny Hop hunt gift
***Avatar: DP**yumyum story of a bunny / white
***Shorts: Vette's Boutique custom_shorts


Anonymous said...

Damn it! You made me love this bunneh. You are evil LOL. I just bought the chocolate one.

Auntykuro said...

ho ho ho.

join with me, lizzie. join the bunneh side.