Monday, April 6, 2009

I saw the Black Dahlia at the Angelica when I was fifteen


I love clothing. I love putting something on and seeing how cool it is; I think this is what's so damned addictive about Second Life for me, the hit -- the rush -- when a designer makes a teensy perfect pixellated set of doll clothes that makes my avatar look awesome. I especially love clothing on days when I feel stressed out in other ways; it's my moment of morning happy to dress up and take pictures.

I'm wearing a hunt item from amerie's Naughty today, the ocelot hat with attached hair. The Isle of Tranquility sim has reopened (and it's just gorgeous), and they've got a hunt to celebrate it. Go and look for the golden apples! I'm wearing it with the curio Gold Foil skin and an awesomely textured jacket from Kurotsubaki. I bought it while looking for furniture and garden items with Dove the other day, and stumbled across it this morning in my frightening 'inbox' folder. I like how worn out it looks; it comes with four options for different patches. The scarf is from The Closet, perfectly filmy. Now my avatar is ready to head to an art film at Angelica (followed by a browse at the Strand) while I go teach class... Darn that avatar and her fun life.

Edit: Ahaha, I re-read all this just now and thought do not write while tired.


***Bracelet: Kunstkammer Romantigoth bracelet stack - L
***Little knee ribbons: from J's thigh highs
***Pierce: FlipSide Kitteh Bell mouth piercing set
***Socks: from the ~silentsparrow~ (fawn) maida
***Belly cover: from the ~silentsparrow~ omg my belly shows bit of the wraith suit
***Skin: Curio Pearl-Gold Foil
***Jacket: DP**yumyum naughty jelly besns/black
***Scarf: The Closet HempScarf 2 brwn
***Shirt: Kurotsubaki Poofy Sleeve Shirt black
***Pants: Sn@tch Swagger Laced Leather Pants
***Hair: amerie's Naughty Ocelot Hat with Hair -- iTuTu hunt prize
***Nails: Schadenfreude Copper Glitter Manicure
***Shooz: First Flower Cynar with color changing rose

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