Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy year of *katat0nik*


Seems like just yesterday that hyasynth said, "I'm opening up a shop on the sim Axis Mundi. You should come to the opening party and meet Katat0nik -- she's got a lovely dress out." I went and spotted Katat0nik in her dress, and immediately ran purchase the Carousel. It remains one of my favorite of Kat's dresses, and reminds me of the cuteness of Kat's shop when it first opened: you could walk across it in three steps!

Many dresses later, Katat0nik is holding her one-year anniversary party tonight. She reminded me that I wrote about her dress right after I went and got it, so I took a small stroll back through time. (Lol. I guess I've come a long way (baby).) Katat0nik's trusty blogger Adaire posted about the party over here, and I'm standing in the party venue in the photo above. Come get some cotton candy and toast a year with Kat!

***Dress: *katat0nik* (orange/green) Carousel Dress in twelve pieces, including two glove types and two stocking types and a cute bow at the top

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