Monday, April 13, 2009

Bunny in a choli


~Maleeka~ designs sent me a lovely choli to review. I put it on, stared at myself, and realized that I needed more ... bunny. Bunny rocks this outfit, however. I like the saucy cut of the shirt and the flow of the prim skirt, and how it accents bunny's fur.

I went to the sim of Black Taj to photograph, following a lead from the gorgeous Strawberry's flickr stream. Black Taj is quite a build, and it's connected by a bridge to White Taj. There are couple walk poseballs because the Taj Mahal is all about romance. Bunny didn't mind being alone, however, despite the bobble-headed stares from the couples walking by. What, never seen a bunny in a choli before?


***Bunny Av: DP**yumyum Story of a Bunny
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Mania - Copper
***Outfit: ~Maleeka~ Devi Lehenga choli (dark night)

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Candace Sargent said...

I quite like Bunny in a choli... and Black and White Taj are very impressive - the same person who built Oz built those (Jenne Dibou) and she did a stunning job!