Friday, April 17, 2009

Ah, Spring


I had the strangest feeling of loneliness tonight, right up until I poked around plurk and found people dancing, exploding buildings, and generally kicking up a ruckus. Sometimes the solitude is just what I desire, and sometimes I want to get out and do my single-girl shimmy in the middle of some couple danceballs. It's funny, but I've had this on my mind of late.

Most of the lovely people that I know in SL have SLrelationships; I don't, because (a) RL husband would slay me and (2) I go to SL for other reasons. Still, the couples that are happy together make me sit back in my RL chair and ponder that maybe filling that 'partner' box would be a good thing. ...And then I remember (a). But anyway, to the happy dippy SL couples out there who make me go AW, thanks. It's nice to remember that love happens in this virtual space. (Heh, of course, Newsweek just came out with an article about SLove...)


I wonder if the ORLY owl would partner with me?

***Shirt: Izumiya Black Tunic one piece
***Pants: Izumiya C.C. Pants (black)
***Shoes: From Izumiya Fashion Set 19
***Skin: Den-Dou Gothly skin
***Bag: Izumiya freebie Vanity Bag in black
***Hair: CriCri gHatFree
***Piercings: Deviant Kitties Antic Set


Terry Toland said...

1.) Of course, they find the ugliest avatars to shoot. Honestly, what is it with these news companies - or maybe even the people - looking like basic starters. Bleh...

2.) Just get Mr. A a basic free account, dress up like he's not a newb, and partner that way. He doesn't have to get on all the time; it could even become an alt. But it's still "his".

Anonymous said...

*giggles at last caption*

Thank you for linking that article -- it's always nice to know stories like these to believe that online love can actually be real. :) fairy tale endings are always nice to know

Unknown said...

Love that look! It is something I would wear RL.

Unknown said...

Partner your best friend, like me, or partner Mr A inSL

Anonymous said...

Hee hee, last caption is adorable.

Agree about empty box blues. I think it would be superromantic for Mr. Acha to have a shell SL account, but I also love it when people put their best friends into their profiles as partners, it's so sweet.

Auntykuro said...

@Green: I know! It's shocking how pixelated that hair is; perhaps they used a stock photo to illustrate the story. ...And I could, but it seems like cheating somehow. o.o

@ohmy: Yes, a few of my pals are celebrating partnering...and anniversaries...and so it's been on my brain.

@Ana and Esme: This is totally my RL look too, heh. Comfygeek! And I like the idea of partnering a best friend. :D