Sunday, March 1, 2009

You are the dancing preen


Yesterday, hya and Ellantha swooped down upon me from above in gorgeous avatars. After staring at them for approximately 30 seconds I said, "Okay, where do I get it?" Then, I was the proud owner of a Tokushi Astren Griffin in black. After that, they took me to the furry dance club Moulin Rouge, and I was struck by a few things. First, that furry culture isn't what I'd envisioned. No, it's cool and creative with an extremely playful side. People who want to look part animal have huge capacities to imagine and play, and their roleplaying script reflects it.

Second, furry dance clubs are rockin'! There's a lot of richness to the interaction that I wasn't expecting. Even the furry strippers added animal parts to their stripping script, which made everything feel that much more surreal. Also, everyone was so goddamned adorable, tricked out to the nines in whatever their hooves, paws, horns, tails and wings allowed. The moral of the story is that I'll probably go back sometime, in this avatar.

The wingspan on this avatar is quite wide, and it comes with talking and flying animations, and options for personalizing.


***Avatar: Tokushi Astren Griffin Female - in black
***Necklace: Violet Voltaire Melancholy in Red
***Dress: Canimal - Smitten - Pink blue


Unknown said...

Holy cow... Ach... for one second I read "You are the dancing Peen"... guess I should post no more naughty naners on Plurk....

Auntykuro said...


Hehe. I was wondering if people would misread that :D