Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whoooo aaare yooou


I'm in a few lovely new(-ish) release items -- Flower Bangle bracelet by Studio Sidhe, cute Ophelia frock by Weird Designs, Starry Lip Chain by ellabella, and a new hat by Ingenue's millinery line. I haven't written any research observations here lately, so I'm gonna bore you for a second...

[Research] Recently I was caught up in an issue of avatar vs. real life identity. I thought I'd been careful about asking permission before sharing a photo of someone, but apparently the other person didn't think so. Much wangst resulted from this which I won't go into, but the result is that I've had identity on my mind. Avatars are important symbols of who our Second Life people are, and photos are symbols of who our Real Life people are. They function semiotically to frame and 'talk about' ourselves, and therefore, I comprehend that showing a RL image can jar drastically with showing an SL image, sending an entirely different message.

I am pretty straightforward about mixing RL and SL, in fact my flickr stream reflects the flow of my identity between the two. People have different levels of comfort with mixing these messages, and I'm still pondering why. Maybe the two languages -- the idealized cartoon one we get in SL and the warts-and-all we get in RL -- don't play well together? Or maybe it's simply that the narratives are different, and people like their ability to tell a different 'story' in SL? In either case, it makes for a rich way to frame my next presentation...[End research]


***Boots: SiniStyle Deception Boots
***Tattoo: EtchD ancient Halloween freebie
***Skin: [42] Dark Matter 04 shaved pale
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Melancholy set in silver-pink
***Lip jewelry: ellabella Starry Lip Chains
***Bracelet: Studio Sidhe Flower Bangles in red
***Hair: Truth Felicity - night
***Hat: Ingenue Milinery - Cover Girl - Cherry
***Dress: Weird Designs Ophelia Dress


Alyx Sands said...

My RL and SL are completely intertwined, as is my Flickr stream....for me, it was completely natural to do so, but a lot of people apparently keep RL and SL really separate. I don't think that's only because my avatar resembles my RL self a little-I have alts and everything.

Allegory Malaprop said...

I learned the online privacy lesson a loooong time ago. All it takes is an obsessive string of emails from one person you haven't met declaring his undying love to you to make one start putting their DNS registries under PO Boxes.

I don't have any problem with sharing my RL self with friends (nor would I throw a fit were I "outed"- there's actually a fair bit on me out there if you know how to look, and most of it _I_ put up, willingly and intentionally). But, you know, it makes absolutely no difference at all what I look like in meatspace. Online, I love you for your mind, your words, your deeds, and your RL looks don't enter into the equation. It's refreshing to not be judged positively or negatively by something that is so meaningless as what body you inhabit.

Auntykuro said...

Yeah ... Boy, I'm glad I don't have any stalkers (that I know of, yeesh). I like your perspectives on RL people vs. SL, and I'm still thinking about Alle's idea that bodies are rendered meaningless. Kinda neat.