Monday, March 16, 2009

A sustainable friendship


Once upon a time I suckered a good real life friend into Second Life. We met back in 2001 (feels like a lifetime ago) because of LiveJournal. Then I moved closer to where she lived, and found that we shared an interest in Joss Whedon and roleplaying, although she was far, far cooler about it all than me. Sadly I moved across country from her, but I gained an addiction to a certain MMORPG, and when she read in my LiveJournal that I'd started playing Second Life, she reactivated her account...

Heliotropic Unsustainable is one of my closest world-crossing pals, so when she mentioned that I should take a look at Izzy Bereznyak's new pose shop, Penny Dreadful Arcade, I capitulated at once. Helio has left Second Life for the most part, and I sorely miss her here.

My review of the poses is this: They are made with a lot of thought, and work wonderfully on my boy avatar and a little less so on my short-arse female avatar. They are cinematic and intriguing, which means that they tend to bend clothing around, making a few of the poses unusable for fashion blogging. The ones that work are a lovely addition to my pose repertoire -- I love poses with quirk, and these most definitely have quirk. I'm tempted to use the word 'hipster' to describe some of the positions, but I'd hate to inflict that word on anyone. All in all, Bereznyak has made a great start to his pose career.

The outfit? Sprawl made this awesome coat for Relay for Life, and Lazy Places made those totally awesome Trix boots (a pink shade is RFL-specific). I feel a little like Sai Pennell today in this outfit (coat plus boots and little else), she's the lovely queen of less-is-more. I'm wearing it with a skin from BP* and a new updo. *sigh* I promised myself to spend only at RFL this week, but when BP* releases new items, I fail...


***Poses: (pda) Penny Dreadful Arcade
***Hair: BP* short bangs dango 2 dark brown
***Skin: BP* Dec skin 03-a
***Coat: *Sprawl* the buccaneer coat - RFL sim 4
***Tattoo: -DEMISE- Blood of Adonis top white (found at RFL)
***Boots: Lazy Places Trix Boots Brown (pink is the RFL color)
***Prim lashes: *katat0nik* 2-way color prim lashes
***Shape: Achariya shape by ellabella

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