Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Pirate's Day?


Happy St. Paddy's Pirate's Day! There are some clothing items in Second Life that are quite holiday specific. For instance, I'm not sure when else I'd put on a cute clover skirt (katat0nik's from the Magic of Oz clover hunt), so it's gotta be today. I've also noticed the lovely pirate photos adorning various blogs lately, and wanted to contextualize a few RFL items in terms of this theme, so... yah, Arr, me ancient Irish relatives.

I stumbled upon a new-to-me shop, BeNoir, while at RFL (I think AnaLu's done her usual thorough reviews of this shop?), and immediately purchased a few lovely items -- the corset, the gloves, the beautifully textured stockings. I love the depth of fabric of these items and that they're sold as separates, encouraging me to mix it all up. It's such a Hethr Engle shop that I had to give her the link right away, so maybe we'll see some of these items on her...

Remember to de-prim for RFL! You can see some fine de-primmed looks on Azia over here at her blog, the lovely Cajsa here, and Ashia over at Free*Style. (Please comment with links if I've missed your look!)


***Location: Blackspot Ships
***Poses: Long Awkward Pose (see pose sidebar)
***Eyes: Treasured Vision TV Copy/Large/Green Apple
***Hat: Illusions Tricorn Hat
***Monocle: Sanu Snowdrop Monocle
***Boots: Redgrave Girl's biker boots in black
***Shirt: *katat0nik* from the snow bunny outfit
***Skirt: *katat0nik* from the Magic of Oz hunt, the light green shamrock dress skirt
***Hair: Truth Felicity in ivory
***Skin: [42] Skin Goth Whites #1 Blood
***Gloves: BeNoir Lena gloves fingerless short ties
***Stockings: BeNoir Mona Stockings torn bloody
***Corset: BeNoir Nina corset rosy


Hethr Engel said...

ty for the tip I did miss their booth at rfl!

Heather said...

oops closet = hethr forgot to change her gmail haha