Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Skinny down


I was so impressed by Lokum's gorgeous post about Selos Dae's new skins (oops, and Terry's post about the skins too!) that I had to copy their looks! It occurred to me that the skin would work perfectly for a stunning low-prim/low-arc RFL outfit, so along with /artilleri's/ Dallas hair, I'm clocking in at 78-prims/16-arc. Not bad for such a neat getup, eh?

I chatted briefly with Selos about the skin. "I don't wanna put on clothing," I said, staring at the swirls of pretty orange.

"Everyone says that," he replied, "that's why I made underwear layers to cover up the naughty parts." The tattoos over the boobs and groin can go away if want to be more daring. The only bit that isn't covered is the arse-crack, just FYI.

I'm also in a few more Penny Dreadful Arcade poses, since I'm wearing an outfit conducive to flopping about. The poses do justice to this skin!



***Skin: []Trap[] Koi skin in fire
***Hair: /artilleri/ dallas in black with a red stripe
***Poses: Penny Dreadful Arcade


Lokum Shilova said...

Thank you Ach _ Arent they just so gorgeous ! Thank you Selos for this wonderful release

Auntykuro said...

Yes, agreed, gorgeous and you looked awesome in it too.